Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Graeme Souness reveals massive hint about Walter Smith

In a throwback to the 80s, former manager Graeme Souness has admitted something which sheds significant light on Walter Smith’s success in the 90s and 2007-.

As Rangers fans of a certain vintage know, Souness came to Ibrox in the late 80s as player coach to take the reins following the club’s barren spell of the first portion of the decade. He came with Walter Smith as his assistant and fans will well remember Souness’ debut at Easter Road which couldn’t have been more chaotic if it tried.

However, in the recent build up to the ultimately disappointing Old Firm of some weeks ago, Souness dropped a very telling hint about his assistant which brings Smith’s own success into focus.

He said:

“I was out there on the pitch, it was Walter who was the manager at the side.”

Player coaches aren’t the most commonly used commodity in world football, but Souness appears to be suggesting that during his time at Ibrox, at worst he and Smith were equals and complete peers and at best Walter was the actual manager and Souness, while presumably having the final say, relied on him a lot more than a manager normally would on his number one.

It gives insight as to why, when Souness left for Liverpool in ’91, Rangers not only were in safe hands with the baton handed over to Smith, but in fact were maybe even boosted by falling under his complete control.

In short, when Souness was out there on the pitch, Walter was the manager – and otherwise, it appears to have been a complete and equal team between the pair of them.

Walter was the master from day one in management, and Rangers were incredibly lucky to have him.


  1. Love walter and souness to bits and the success they gave us but it came at a price. We are where we are today because of the overspending they did. So much that we sing their praises they are behind the mess we found ourselves in over the last number of years .

  2. I think you will find that dick advocaat spent way more that walter and sounness, we got into the mess because of david murry and no one else, cant blame a manager for what a mess the board got us into.

  3. Still blame smith for not achieving 10 in a row

  4. Murray was to blame Souness was the boss. Looking back David Holmes takes the credit.

  5. Isn't a great world. You win 9 League Championships in succession and you get the blame for not winning 10. Walter you were a failure!

  6. Agree Advocaat spent more than Souness and Smith but don't remember too many complaints at the time. Gave me some of the best football memories of my life.
    The Rangers debt in 2012 was in football terms a fairly modest and manageable £18m, having come down from over £30m in the previous 2 years. Had the bank not called in the debt then it's likely we would have cleared it in a few years. So let's think carefully about where you apportion blame.

  7. the same may happen again in the future when stevie moves on, Gary may stay.


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