Thursday, 27 September 2018

Rangers' MOTM? Not Middleton, and not Kent....

The sponsors’ MOTM last night was Glenn Middleton.

RTVs was both he and Ryan Kent.

Ibrox Noise’s MOTM? Captain Andy Halliday.

Torn as we were between all three of the above and Ovie Ejaria, with honourable mention of  the smooth display of Graham Dorrans, we found ourselves blinking in some mild disbelief that we actually struggled to choose the best player, simply because there were so many of them.

Alfredo Morelos was making his usual mischief in the box, and his goal was a fine example of strength and clinical finishing.

Kent tore Ayr’s backside out time and time again, and improves every match – he might not be an absolute fan favourite, hell he’s not an Ibrox Noise favourite by a long way, but he’s doing himself extremely proud regardless.

Middleton was lively again and should have had a hat trick – we’ve run out of superlatives for this young star, and on his first full competitive debut he made a strong case for an extended run in the first team.

Meanwhile Ejaria at times looked composed, technically excellent, and extremely efficient with the ball – his close control can frequently look outstanding and when he nearly wriggled through five Ayr defenders, it was evidence that while his game still needs work, he really does have all the tricks.

But then there’s Halliday. One misplaced pass inside two minutes (while everyone else around him was also falling all over themselves to make mistakes) was his only wrong foot, and Halliday, at LB, produced a display to match any we’ve seen from a full back in recent times.

His assist for Middleton showed a rare touch of class the ex-Bradford man doesn’t often display, and his general defending, positioning, workrate and use of the ball was remarkable.

We’re not even going to bother with the ‘it was only Ayr’ stuff because this is an in-form side topping the Championship, and they were a genuine threat coming to Ibrox.

Once goal number one went in, their light faded dramatically.

And Halliday thrived – he put in easily his best display as a Rangers player, showing an assurance and quality he hasn’t been able to till last night.

And Wallace’s place on the bench, disappointing though it was to see him not start this one, was ultimately completely justified by One of Our Own’s display.

A lot of fans are hard on Halliday – last night he put all his doubters away.


  1. Middleton deserved the MOM but I wouldn't have argued if Halliday, Katic, Kent, or Ejaria received the award. Great overall Team performance

  2. Halliday was my motm played 90 minutes one displaced pass not bad

  3. So happy to see Halliday getting his just rewards.
    Will never be the best player at Ibrox, but we will wait a long time to see a more commited Rangers player. Would run through brick walls for the club

  4. Great stuff again... realising that this is competitive match No 17 I think ?? We are moving forward very well. The Morelos booking was very disappointing he still has the thing about talking back , and all the shit referees in Scotland know that and happily book him with out thought whilst allowing the foul and fouler to be let off scot free … It stinks but leaves us very vulnerable for the Sheep Shaggers .. however we should have beaten them with 10 men before so.....Bring it On....

  5. Great Performance! 👏🔴⚪⭕
    ...Halliday or Middleton for Me

    Also SG needs to do something about Morelos, Its getting Ridiculous...Getting silly bookings nearly every game 🤔👊

  6. "he put all his doubters away"? Really?! And it was only Ayr and Halliday is in the championship standard so no wonder he looked as if he played well.

    I'm delighted the way our team is heading albeit we still have a long way to go.

    I don't doubt the lads feelings for Rangers and his blood is blue,,, so is mine, but you wouldn't want me in the team!

    I would advise for you to wait until the Celtic, Hibs and Hearts games, then we will see the lack of quality he has in a Rangers jersey! as he has shown in many previous games!

    1. Jimbo

      Not his first game and he has consistently done what has been asked of him in each game, in whatever position. I put that down to clear instructions and good man management from coaches. So not just because it was Ayr
      I agree that nobody wants you, or me, playing even if we are fans. I suspect Halliday won't play against Celtic unless we have injuries or suspensions. But, we will play over 60 games this season and maybe 20 against top opposition. We still need to play the other 40 games. We need a squad and Halliday is an important part of it. He is not and never again will be the most skillful player in the team. But every team needs its "watercarriers" - Didier Deschamps I think. He is happy to do what he can, SG is happy to pick him and I am very happy to support him. I support all Rangers players, whether they stood by us, answered the call, or walked away. Halliday would have stayed.

      Incidentally if SG needs someone to fill in against Celtic and has to pick between Halliday, you and me, Rangers fans all three of us, guess who he will pick?

  7. What a transformation not just for Halliday himself but the Club he supports too. Hard to imagine after all he was put through last season from Ped and then Murty. Yet he comeback stuck in at pre season and look at how far he’s come on - sure he’s never a world beater but his hunger and determination are what the Gaffer would love..

    He’s got better as he’s in the company of better players and that rubs off. Not to mention the belief the Gaffer and Coaches have got in him speaks volumes.. I for one am glad Stevie Gerrard made his own mind up on him rather than that of others..

    Amazing times again when you’re talking about multiple choices for MOTM... Even the most sceptical of Bears must be rubbing their hands now #LetsGo

  8. Gerrard was the Liverpool fan in the Liverpool dressing room and I believe he knew the importance of that on top of his undoubtably world class ability. I think he sees that in Halliday (not the world class bit). Halliday is the guy that knows what it means to wear that jersey and I bet even when he is not playing that Gerrard keeps him around the dressing room.

  9. i stoped visitin this site because of the down rite abuse ibrox noise was giving halliday picture vsums him up perfect didnt get to see the game the other nite chuffed t bits for andy am away to find the highlights! Get Right Intae Them mon the gers


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