Friday, 28 September 2018

It's time for Neil Doncaster to quit

It’s not often we find ourselves agreeing with Craig Levein, but frankly we cannot believe the depths of incompetence the SPFL and Neil Doncaster in particular have plummeted to.

When it was announced both semis were to be on the same day, it simply emphasised the laughing stock of the world that is Scottish football.

Why our game north of the border is run so amateurishly only the powers-that-be truly know, but to put two 50,000 attendance matches on the same day and leave Mount Florida to deal with potentially more than 100,000 people traipsing down Cathcart Road is something we absolutely cannot comprehend.

CEO Doncaster said:

“This suits everyone.”

How the man could lie so brazenly is beyond us, even with a bit of a smile as he said it.

We’re hardly Aberdeen’s best friends but to ask our northern chums to do a 300-mile round trip at God-knows AM to make a 12PM KO is one of the most preposterous things we’ve ever heard in world football, and we’ve heard some absolute corkers.

Logistically, this is a nightmare – preparing a stadium twice for a match in 24 hours of the size of a cup semi is so barkers we are half waiting for Doncaster to say he’s only joking.

But he probably isn’t. This is deadly serious – Mount Florida will get swamped in a number of weeks with Celtic, Rangers, Hearts and Aberdeen fans effectively at the same time.

Have they even considered the policing this will require?

We know we as football fans often have goes at each other and hate this and that, but, and this goes to all three of the other teams’ fans – we don’t want anyone hurt or risked safety wise. We already saw that recent crushing disaster at Parkhead which thankfully did not lead to loss of life (albeit there were injuries) – well, chucking 25,000 Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts fans at the same stadium area on the same time is simply not on.

This is something which must be reversed, and if not, the resignation of Doncaster must follow and the appointment of someone capable instead.

We’ve had enough bad things happen in Scottish football over the years to willing add more to them by idiocy like this.

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