Saturday, 15 September 2018

Is time running out for this Gerrard favourite player?

No question, we’re here again. Tomorrow we’ll cover today’s pretty comfortable victory over the admittedly hapless Dundee, but today’s performance while all round solid enough raises, again, the topic of Alfredo Morelos.

This was another of his stinkers, a poor display where he looked disinterested and couldn’t have scored in a month of Sundays. He was hooked, and pettily shook his head in disgust at this, and we can’t help feeling the worrying prophecy we made of him a few months ago is coming true.

“Alfredo Morelos remains staggeringly wasteful and all pre-season has done is taken some beef off his frame. We continue to be frustrated by the negative sides of his game which we’d hoped would be trimmed away by a manager like Gerrard, but if anything they were even worse. We can see this, if he remains a Rangers player (reports from various press outlets claim a bid of £2.6M was rejected), becoming a recurring theme.” – 7th July 2018

Since we published this Alfredo has won a cap for Colombia and seemingly been given a market value of £7M, but today and the last match v Celtic are simply not good enough for Rangers. In a match against diddies and a match against Scotland’s best he was equally rotten and ineffective, and we know absolutely that we’re not alone in losing patience in this lad and his flakiness in front of goal.

It is very telling that in five SPL matches he has one goal. Sorry, but that’s rubbish. It makes us almost wish we’d brought in Steven Naismith AND Kyle Lafferty as the former is Scotland’s top striker at present and the latter pretty close to it.

It’s all Jekyll and Hyde, we know. We’ve praised him plenty in recent months and weeks, but we put the caveat in – for the good things he does, he does too many bad or poor.

Today he nearly got himself sent off yet again – two petulant incidents which Kevin Clancy let him away with and one dreadful tackle which was booked – Rangers should be looking at a suspension for him again in the league to add to his existing one in the UEL.

When does the patience run out. When does ‘hard work deeper’ start wearing thin and we admit this lad is far far far too inconsistent to play for Rangers? When he’s good, we will praise – but far far far too often he simply isn’t. He’s immature, petulant, wasteful and doesn’t score enough.

We’re not saying we wipe our hands of him, him time is dramatically running out for him to quite the ugly nonsense in his game and start consistently delivering.

That said, the way we feel right now, we’d sell happily in January.

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