Saturday, 15 September 2018

Is time running out for this Gerrard favourite player?

No question, we’re here again. Tomorrow we’ll cover today’s pretty comfortable victory over the admittedly hapless Dundee, but today’s performance while all round solid enough raises, again, the topic of Alfredo Morelos.

This was another of his stinkers, a poor display where he looked disinterested and couldn’t have scored in a month of Sundays. He was hooked, and pettily shook his head in disgust at this, and we can’t help feeling the worrying prophecy we made of him a few months ago is coming true.

“Alfredo Morelos remains staggeringly wasteful and all pre-season has done is taken some beef off his frame. We continue to be frustrated by the negative sides of his game which we’d hoped would be trimmed away by a manager like Gerrard, but if anything they were even worse. We can see this, if he remains a Rangers player (reports from various press outlets claim a bid of £2.6M was rejected), becoming a recurring theme.” – 7th July 2018

Since we published this Alfredo has won a cap for Colombia and seemingly been given a market value of £7M, but today and the last match v Celtic are simply not good enough for Rangers. In a match against diddies and a match against Scotland’s best he was equally rotten and ineffective, and we know absolutely that we’re not alone in losing patience in this lad and his flakiness in front of goal.

It is very telling that in five SPL matches he has one goal. Sorry, but that’s rubbish. It makes us almost wish we’d brought in Steven Naismith AND Kyle Lafferty as the former is Scotland’s top striker at present and the latter pretty close to it.

It’s all Jekyll and Hyde, we know. We’ve praised him plenty in recent months and weeks, but we put the caveat in – for the good things he does, he does too many bad or poor.

Today he nearly got himself sent off yet again – two petulant incidents which Kevin Clancy let him away with and one dreadful tackle which was booked – Rangers should be looking at a suspension for him again in the league to add to his existing one in the UEL.

When does the patience run out. When does ‘hard work deeper’ start wearing thin and we admit this lad is far far far too inconsistent to play for Rangers? When he’s good, we will praise – but far far far too often he simply isn’t. He’s immature, petulant, wasteful and doesn’t score enough.

We’re not saying we wipe our hands of him, him time is dramatically running out for him to quite the ugly nonsense in his game and start consistently delivering.

That said, the way we feel right now, we’d sell happily in January.


  1. Not surprised prophecy of 7 July is being realised. Horrible little individual who, despite the positives in his game, is not half as good as he thinks he is. Also, given that McGregor and Lafferty have been accepted back, would swap him for Naismith in a minute.

    y ft

    1. Sandy

      Are u serious Naismith !! I HONESTLY DESPAIR
      Hang your head in Shame absolutely astonished
      With supporters like you we will never ever get back to the great Institution we once were
      Again shame on you

    2. I understand your anger at naismith, but wee kennny crossed the divide and duly punched the badge in delight when scoring against us, he was welcomed back and delivered. which is worse? well i could'nt imagine wee naisy doin that against us. If he scored the goal that stopped 3IAR im sure you would be in the minority not to forget, it could happen to any of us in the work place. u can be certain the employees will be the employers least concern, beleive me! loyalty get's u knowhere in corparate crashes. big waldo almost proved that. move on!

    3. Scooby what kenny miller done was nothing whatsoever similar to naeshame
      I think you only believe what you want to believe
      Do you not remember a certain press conference with Mr Whitaker ???
      and whats this crap in the workplace
      ive never swore alegience to my employers or kissed the works logo
      Yes i,m bitter very bitter and reading crap excuses you serve uo only makes my blood boil and as i said previous i do not think the club can get back to the Glory days with supporters like yourself and there is plenty like you and most of them back our glorious leader Mr King
      God help the club

  2. Stinker? Not Interested? Are you having a laugh?

    Here we go again with the negative, short sighted, blinkered views when it come to Morelos!!!

    The guy is 22 year old for God sake and is still learning. Is he going to be consistent week in week out... Nope, probably not. But that goes with the territory.

    Has he got a streak in him that needs to be curbed OR at least he needs to channel.. absolutely!!!

    Is he the finished article? Far from it!!! Can he kick on and become a top quality striker... I think so if he continues to work like he has and is given the right coaching (which he WILL under Stevie G).

    Just look at the difference between him today and a year ago.... The strides he has taken is great.

    BUt turning back to your comments today...

    "This was another of his stinkers, a poor display where he looked disinterested and couldn’t have scored in a month of Sundays. He was hooked, and pettily shook his head in disgust at this"

    Did you actually watch the game??? His hold up play was good, was always looking for the ball, was drawing defenders all over the place producing holes for others.... He earned us the penalty, was involved in Kents goal, yes he missed a relative sitter but also narrowly missed another harder chance thanks to a finger tip save from the goalkeeper. Also, if Coulibaly hadnt scored the opener Morelos would have.

    Did he have a couple of petulant moments.... hell yes.... He needs to curb that BUT I actually believe a BIG part of that comes from when he is getting frustrated cause he wants oh so much to score.... So it isnt all negative.

    "He was shaking his head cause he was hooked"..... Forgive me if I am wrong but that seems to be an inference that he was shaking his head cause he didn't agree with the decision to do so!!! If so.... When did you learn these mind reading skills??? Could it be that he was disappointed that he hadn't scored? That he felt he could have done better? Felt disappointed cause he knew he had been petulant?

    If for any of those reasons am glad he was shaking his head!!! If i saw a player r coming off happy I would wonder about them.

    As for slagging him for the Celtic game!!! Really??? You Really want to go in that direction and point the finger at him given how the TEAM played in that game!!!

    Everybody is welcome to their opinion... absolutely, but this thing IN seem to have re Morelos is getting rather tiring.

    BTW you really want to talk about off games, not being in a game for large parts, missing chances etc etc.... I will simply say "Ally McCoist"!!!

    1. sorry graham, but coisty would still outscore him at his age. some things can't be taught, uv either got the predator instinct or not. it's all about opinions.

  3. What annoys me about Morelos, is he'll run al over the park, but just can't consistently get goals in the back o the net. We just haven't got the time, to wait until everything comes together, for him. I believe we would have been miles better, with Naismith & Lafferty. I'm not saying he won't come good in the future, but let a club who's got the time to wait until he irons out the wrinkles, take him on. This season is all about points and goals. At this time, he's only 50% effective. He must be sold. Simple as that. Before he costs us another game, with his immaturity and petulance.

  4. Morelos seems to have become the new Andy Haliday, who used to get all the criticism. But now for some people Morelos can do nothing right, even when he has an excellent game like he did against Dundee. He didn't score of course, but he made a huge contribution and was very influential. He did also win the penalty which Tav scored.

    At 22 years of age, he is progressing nicely although still lots and lots of areas for improvements, which will be fantastic for Rangers as he continues to improve.

    Still, he is in good company getting the criticism he gets. I remember a certain Ally McCoist used to get dogs abuse in his early days, Mark Hateley wasn't initially popular with Rangers supporters, plenty more names I could add to the list...

    1. People shouldn't be slating other people, for their views.

  5. Morelos scored a perfectly good goal against Dundee which was incorrectly ruled out for offside. If it had stood would he be getting the criticism you are giving him. He also won us a penalty and had the first goal pinched off his toes by Coulibally. The goalkeeper also made a terrific save from him in the second half. I would call that a fairly decent contribution for the 77 minutes he was on the pitch.

  6. The Potential is There
    The Ability is There

    I Believe He can shake these Inconsistencies and be a Regular Goalscorer.

    But I think if the worst comes to the worst, We Sell in January/Nxt Summer and we should be looking between


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