Saturday, 15 September 2018

Another journalistic gaffe over Rangers - more embarrassment....

In a significant show of journalistic ignorance, new signing Eros Grezda has been ‘accused’ of being Croatian by the Scottish media.

The new signing, who of course hails from Albania and was born in Kosovo, was giving his first presser as a Rangers player, and was asked about how the likes of Borna Barisic and Nikola Katic have helped him settle in, which he politely agreed with, but given the fact both played their football in Croatia, Scottish hacks also seem to think Grezda’s homeland is the same as theirs.

Asking about them, the scribe said:

“How much was it an attraction coming here, you had Nikola here and Borna here, someone you knew from your homeland, people you could bond with.”

Grezda was polite in his response and agreed those two had helped his integration, but following Ibrox Noise’s highlighting of the slapdown manager Steven Gerrard gave Sky’s Charles Paterson over the referee stuff, once again journalism in this country really does need to take a damn good look at itself.

We get things wrong on Ibrox Noise, too, of course we do – we’re not perfect here. But something like this is pretty basic and extremely insulting to a new person in our country, and smacks of an embarrassing lack of research and investigation.

Which, of course, is supposed to be their job.



  1. The total ignorance of other cultures in the UK media in general is baffling.

  2. The fault was theirs. Sky needs a good slapdown on occasion.

  3. Absolutely Laughable!
    The UK Media need a Boot up the Arse

    Saying Croatia when hes From Albania
    Absolute Idiots


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