Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Rangers' multi-million pound babies...

Historically speaking Rangers (and Celtic) have always been selling clubs. It’s part of the football cycle and our best players are usually found by our wily scouts and signed for sub £3M before being sold to English sides for double or even triple.

Barry Ferguson, our youth player, sold for £8.5M to Blackburn.

GVB, signed for £4M and sold for over double that.

Cuellar, sold for almost four times what we paid.

Boumsong, sold for a sweet £8M profit. It goes on and on.

With Rangers of the past six years, it definitely hasn’t been the case. We have sold ourselves short and failed badly to get the right amount for our best assets. Circa £2M for Josh Windass and Declan John combined was a borderline disgrace, and the humiliation of £1.5M for Barrie McKay remains to this day.

But in a stronger position, we can and will command more. And with the superb start our summer signings have made (Goldson, Katic and Barisic for sure are already worth well over double what we paid for them) there are already notions of January sales at large profit.

Apparently small rumours have already surfaced linking Goldson with a big-profit switch back to England next year, with Newcastle touted.

Fact is, Goldson is an outstanding defender whose health meant Brighton rather left him to rot on their bench. All of their supporters were disappointed to lose him, and we’re seeing why. And now with first team football under his belt and coping perfectly with the weight of the shirt, Connor Goldson is showing just what a defender he is and why he is a slim candidate for an England call in the future.

Right now, Goldson is an easy £6M defender and with continued performances will stroll up to the £10M mark. Then there’s Katic. He’s a different defender. Less cerebral and more dirty – and the perfect foil for Goldson. He cost only £2M from Slaven Belupo, but is easily worth double now and with continued progress will reach similar price levels to his English team mate. And a flying fullback with Croatian caps? You do the maths.

Rangers will definitely be tested in January. There will be interest in our star performers. But if our management team and scouting network continue to produce the goods they have so far, even if we were to sell these outstanding talents in the winter, we’d trust them to replace with similarly forgotten or unearthed gems at low prices.

But this, all this, is of course in the future. We’d rather keep these guys and grow with them – we’re not advocating sales. It can only be a great reflection of the state of the Gerrard regime that our recently-signed players have quickly become assets and valuable.

The way it should be.


  1. I can't understand this desire to plan the sale of players as soon as they appear to be any use at all.

    1. Lex I am 100% Baffled by this script.

      We have improved. DEFINITELY.

      But in the grand scheme of things, we in zilch and we've not played and beaten any of the clubs who embarrassed us last times around.

      For the umpteenth time I've read pages on here which resembled extremely downbeat even degrading stories ( "WE" have decided")

      Many have questioned a Professional Player now Manager who has trophies and medals from the highest level, with no substance AT ALL.

      Personally, and I'm certainly no writer, it may be advised if there's nothing to report or Boost the Morale of the club for its astonishing support, better watching daytime tv or go play ⛳ or something

  2. 1.5m for McKay ? It was 500k , daylight robbery on our own part.

  3. I truly hate the tendency in the present age to focus on a player's worth, which appears at times partially influenced by outlandish hairstyles, ridiculous personal tatoos and multi-coloured footwear.
    I retain no interest in such utter nonsense, and I feel certain Mr.Struth would back me up if he were around today.
    We are requiring of a high standard of player who has an utter belief in Glasgow Rangers, and who can deliver a level of commitment without thinking it will lead to future bounties.
    If we can achieve that, we will be back on the road.

  4. You are already selling our team before we’ve even won anything. Calm down.

    1. After only 2 games they were doubting Steven Gerrard and his team

      LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Goldson and Katic look like Superstars compared to that garbage at the midden!! Great scouting and signings ..think Boydie owes Mark Allen a real grovelling apology...We need to get Coylibally signed permanently too he's tremendous .Can't wait till the 2nd September .....It all changes !!! BRINGITON

  6. I would not sell any member of the team unless silly money was offered!

    I.e What Them lot have done in the last few years with Wanyama/Van Dijk etc

    Also get coulibaly signed up Now before we lose him
    (Heard the fee would be around £1.75m)

  7. We didnt get £1.5m for mckay apparantly it was less than £1M. Although I dont think he was a good player. Couldn't play in front on 50000 fans

    1. I know - he was bloody awful in that semi at Hampden.......

  8. Gerrard has already said Katic and Barisic were only 1.5 each and I quote "Some of the numbers written about are above what we’ve actually paid. I’ve read we spent £2.5 million on Nikola - it was £1.5 million. It’s also said we paid £2.5 million (for Barisic). It was £1.5 million.”

    We will never know the deals we do because let's be honest no one does. I don't know where you get 1.5 for McKay (wasn't even worth that even Swansea apparently paid less) and 2 for both Windass and John sounds miles out but again if it's the 2.5 for Windass being reported it's excellent business for a petulant player. If the 800k for John is true then that's God awful. But I'm not a fan of all this irrelevance.

    The value for money looks to be remarkable the 3 new defenders look like they could go for more but let's walk before we run. Until we stop 8 9 or 10 in a row this squad MUST stay together. So I don't care what they're worth their only worth to me as a supporter is stopping Celtic not their price tag. If any Club wishes to buy it's 20 million each (over inflated) because if we take the wheels off the cart to replace with cheap rubber we will crash and burn to see them do 10IAR.


  9. I’m praying all of our players attract attention from down south next year. If that happens they’ll have had a great season and the Gers sitting top of the pile with multi million pound assets all over.

    That’s how it goes, the nature of the beast.

    That’s the point.


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