Friday, 10 August 2018

"It's beginning to feel a lot like Rangers"

We have to admit to being really impressed so far at Ibrox Noise Towers over the entire start made by Steven Gerrard.

We’re no hypocrites; the Shkupi performances were not great and we were heavily critical of Gerrard – we got a lot of pelters for calling it as we saw it. We can take that, we’re grown ups.

But while we’ve still got a few small concerns about Stevie (hell, we had them about the Master Uncle Walter so feel free to ignore us) we have to admit the way he is conducting himself, the way he is talking and the steely determination with which he carries himself is really beginning to get under our skin in admiration of how ‘Rangers’ he and his regime are starting, just starting to feel.

There is a slow, considered, methodical and articulate way the man is speaking to the press, and that delivery is very, very Walter esque. That wily but sharp and headstrong mentality that takes no prisoners but shows class too – while Jock Wallace essentially terrified his players, he also showed the gentle touch and the class required to be a Rangers legend on top of it. This kind of powerful will and borderline intimidating aura seems to be fitting Gerrard like a glove and the more we see him the more he feels like the right kind of man to be our manager.

He hasn’t been imperious. We weren’t keen on him using the word ‘burden’ to describe playing for and managing (working for) for Rangers. It is never a burden – it is a privilege afforded to very few, and he is one such, and he is clearly embracing the job and making a hell of a start in it, but we can’t deny opposition to that particular adjective.

But the team is clearly developing in his image and that of Rangers – the performance in Croatia, then Wigan, then Aberdeen, and then last night – a good spine, a reliable spine and a Rangers team who appeared to understand how to game manage. The old Rangers sides used a combination of game management and individual flair. We don’t have the individual flair right now, but from the performances we’ve seen of late, Gerrard’s own experience is filtering onto the players who are growing by match into what we expect our Rangers players and teams to be.

Even the European displays have shown a canny management that we actually didn’t have at that stage in 9IAR. While 92/93 v Leeds was legendary, the following seasons saw UCL qualifying embarrassments a-plenty – older Bears will remember AEK Athens, Grasshoppers and a tonne of other supposedly weaker teams getting the better of Walter’s sides in European qualifiers.

Gerrard’s Rangers has gone up against some of Croatia and Slovenia’s finest and genuinely looked the better side. By no means are we saying he’s a better manager, God no. He may turn out to be something special but we’re not making such flippant judgements.

What we are saying is he seems to be cultivating something in these matches that we struggled to deliver back in the day, and that, following the Process Unicorn disaster last season is one hell of an improvement.

We said before we won’t know a corner has been turned till we go six months of this, but for now, it’s a ride we’re enjoying.


  1. A winner is always a winner. Stevie G will lead us to glory. Sooner rather than late

  2. At first when l heard Stevie G was taking over l was saying.... just hand the Mhanky mob their 8th title now but after hearing him speak, the belief, the players he has signed, l now believe that this is our year to win this league and shut the bheggars up, the feel great factor is back

    1. I've always thought Stevie G would have no problems getting the players up for it and attract a respect with the team in awe of his presence. It must be great for guys like Jack and Tav to hear his complimentary assessment of their ability.


      Once the honeymoon period wears off, we're losing league games because of midweek exertions in Europe, lose the next couple old firms and having Aberdeen and Hibs breathing down on us - I'm not sure that Gerrard has the experience or know-how to lead us out of the trough and still scrape the wins needed at Ibrox with fans on their back and the opposition packing the box.

      Our current frame is as expected when we pay millions of money we don't have - this is what we paid for, but no one can say if we're building a great team or not, I think that will come down to the manager's ability more than who's on the field.

      At this stage, we're on track, we'll know by November whether this season is another write off and I just hope we're not calling for another revamp anytime soon and give the guys a chance to gain experience over the next couple seasons.

      Loving IN and the comments left on the articles, most comment sections these days are fillled with Taigs and dross.

      Would appreciate an article on our financial position and what needs to happen for financial sustainability. Are we relying on UCL to balance the books? What would our wage bill and transfer pot look like if we were to stop the annual loss making? How much debt until we should start to get worried?

  3. I wasn't sure at first but his interview after the return leg of Shkupi converted me. He has already changed Rangers for the better. Regardless of results. The training is better, the attitude is better, the fun is plain to see on the training ground, football is a sport, if players are not having fun and enjoying their game the will play poorly. The confidence 8s growing and last night made me proud of a Rangers team for the first time since the Fiorentina game. I believe this is down to Gerrard the man is already heading for legend in my book.

  4. Spot on in,just watched an in depth interview with him and barisic and I have to say the confidence when answering/responding to questions is flawless,some people are likening this guy to souness when he came to Ibrox,but I believe he is going to be even better as time goes on.....onwards/upwards watp helicopter 2005

    The good times are a coming back sooner rather than later..its coming home 55

  5. The guy is a legend in the making! I wasn't keen when he was linked but after the 1st interview I was totally won over and he just gets better with every interview and every game seems to show improvement. I love the fact he's straight to the point and tells it like it is. It's very like Walter and absolutely nothing like Warburton, Pedro and Murty!

  6. It is beautiful thing to watch, the evolution of a football team.
    I know we have been here before, when the Magic Hat arrived. But even then, as we marched through that league, I think many if not most of us realised that our team was not the finished article. As time proved, horribly.
    For all the hope and anticipation, I would like to just forget about the Portugese/Mexican catastrophe that was last season.
    Our interim manager did his best, which at the time was appreciated although not good enough.
    But in the last 7 years, when did we feel like we do now? After the semi when Halliday put Broonie in his pocket, although it didn't last long.

    I am working really hard not to get excited, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. To look at Shagger and our two centre backs is to realise it doesn't matter if the other team has the ball, they will not be getting through (deflections and worldys apart). I can't wait for Coulibaly to slow down, just a little, so that Brown gets to the ball before he does. So he can completely wipe him out - legally - and come away with the ball. He and Jack look like they want to annoy Goldson and Katic by not letting them tackle any forwards. I think we will all want the same Christmas present - to hear we agreed a fee for Lassana before this season started.

    I think there is still room for improvement where Ejaria and Kent are concerned. I think we have been robbed blind on the Wales left back and last season's third top league scorer. We all know we need another striker.

    But thank goodness. What would I, and you, be like if all these problems were fixed. They would be scraping me off the ceiling to get some downers into me!!

    Let's GO!!

    1. SWH it’s beyond belief mate what the Team Stevie Gerrard and all the Staff have done in such a short period. He’s not sitting on his laurels either the fact he’s constantly looking to improve the Squad speaks volumes..

      Trying to stay grounded as it’s early days but can you imagine what the performances will be like in 2-3 mth... He’s defo cut from a very different cloth to the recent managers before him #letsgo #fullthrottle

  7. Aberdeen has been the toughest challenge so far, and they bottle it every time we meet. The Celtic match will be the true test, and if they run out 4-0, or 4-1 winners, we're exactly in the same boat as the past few years. We got a lot of players in, but when the loan guys leave, what about next year? Eventually, only getting loans in is going to bite us. Write about that. There is no long term plan for the club in terms of players, or in terms of other sources of income. We got hosed on the merchandise deal, but I only read that on "Other" forums. We need to start demanding transparency from that schmuck in charge. If you think Brenda is gonna leave the East End for not being backed, Gerrard will leave us just as fast if he's not given a team to build.

    1. Sorry pal, don't agree
      The reason to get loans in is two fold. Firstly, you have access to players you cannot buy because you can't afford them or they are not for sale. Look at Celtic w Jason Denayer, Patrick Roberts, Edouard.
      Secondly, if you are brining in a lot of players as Rangers have, you increase the chances that there will be one or two who don't make it. Its hard to get 3 out of 3 right. Damn near impossible to get 12 out of 12 right. Loans increase flexibility. If they come with an option to buy, even better in case they work out. Remember, we havn't only got loans in. We have loaned 4 and signed 7.
      Mistakes were made on the merchandising deal, life happens, get over it. Gerrard is very happy with the backing he has been given.
      Now, piss off back to the flea infested, methadone swilling meccanodome that is the San Giro :-)

  8. After the Shkupi game you rightly got pelters for being too critical so early. Now you've almost turned full circle. I agree things seem to be moving in the right direction and we are better in many ways. However, let's not get carried away. We still have many challenges ahead and we haven't seen how we will react in adversity. The Aberdeen game was encouraging but how would we react to a defeat at San Giro or Killie in the Cup or not reaching the Europa Groups.
    We still have a number of players that haven't hit the heights consistently yet, like Flanagan, Ejaria, Kent, Arfield, Murphy, Morelos, Sadiq and Candeias. What if they don't? What if we don't sign another striker?
    Great if everything clicks but let's take one game at a time.

  9. If you are handing out credit how about some to Dave King and the Board for the Gerrard appointment. At the time people on this site were actually pushing for people like McInnes, Wright, Pardew, Alardyce etc. Seriously? For that reason alone I thought Gerrard was the right appointment.

  10. Totally agree! Everyone is quick to get on his back when they want someone to blame. King deserves mega credit for having the balls to go for Gerrard. King the chairman and Gerrard the manager....I'm a happy bluenose!

  11. Buzzin for The Future under Stevie G!!

    Also how pathetic is Rodgers, Wanting to leve as soon as we are getting our act together ✊😂


  12. Rob, Stevie I am with you. Even those most critical of the board were not demanding a manager with the profile of SG.
    King has played a blinder. Yes, there are still issues. Yes, there are still mistakes being made. But we are moving forward.
    The team is still gelling, improving, getting better
    Let the good times roll

  13. No one is more exited than me, but keeping it in check.

    If we beat the mhanky mob next month i’ll fucking explode. Until then it’s very early days.

  14. what a signing stevie ger this scottish gig will be a walk in the park ,no way will he not win silverware ,we have allready caught up with eastenders no way there a better team than us now ,55 here soon ,r,t,i,d


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