Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Gerrard confirms status on two big Rangers transfer stories

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has today denied both stories about Josh Windass and Bosnian international striker Armin Hodzic.

Ipswich Town have been credited with a £1.4M bid for the Rangers’ attacker, but Gerrard has denied any knowledge of such a bid and this one is either Rangers’ boss playing his cards close to his chest or publicly confirming the story is hogwash.

Meanwhile Bosnian press yesterday claimed Rangers were looking at Dynamo Zagreb’s 23-year old striker Armin Hodzic, but Gerrard has again poured cold water on this and other rumoured interests by denying any interest in any Bosnian players, period.

Gerrard does hope to get more business done, and admitted there might be time for more work to be done before the end of the window, but if his comments today are anything to go by, Josh Windass isn’t going anywhere and Rangers won’t be signing anyone of Bosnian descent.
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