Tuesday, 7 August 2018

European media: Rangers make move on Dynamo Zagreb hitman

According to Bosnian newspaper Slobodna Bosna, Rangers are close to sealing a deal for Dynamo Zagreb’s Bosnian international forward Armin Hodzic.

The 23-year old striker is familiar to Rangers manager Steven Gerrard having spent 24 months at Liverpool in 2012, albeit most of that time was spent away on loan at his previous team Željezničar in his homeland, where he did pretty well amassing 14 goals in 28 appearances – a cool one in two record.

Unfortunately his record in Croatia is not as impressive, with just 6 in 24 and an assist, but if the claims by said paper are true, Gerrard clearly sees something in his former team mate.

The report (slightly tongue in cheek) read:

"And according to the latest, after a famous club struggled against Osijek in the 2nd leg of the Europa League, the legendary Steven Gerrard is doing everything to bring our national team to his club. Allegedly, Hodzic will sign a contract with the Scottish club by the end of next week. Armin Hodzic moved to Dinamo Zagreb in 2014 from Sarajevo's Željezničar."

Whether this news suggests the move for Kyle Lafferty iss over we’re not entirely sure, but Steven Gerrard does seem quite fixated on Croatian-based players. No bad thing, frankly!


  1. I am not saying this boy Hodzic isnt a Decent Enough CF

    But For where the Club is Right Now
    ...Id Rather Lafferty

    1. Hes a Rangers Man
    2. He Knows How to Score in the SPL
    3. He Can Score against Celtic

    4. He will give 150% every game even if he doesnt get on the Scoresheet

    5. Knows The SPL Inside and Out

    6. Wont sulk like Morelos

    7. He got 19 last season! For a poor Hearts Team so imagine how many he would get with boys like Arfield and Candei round Him? ...25 Easy!

    1. 1. He's a Rangers man who walked out on us
      2. Granted
      3. So do many people, including Windass
      4. Balkans players are not notoriously shy in the commitment stakes
      5. As per 2.
      6. But will walk like Naismith
      7. Scored fewer SPL goals than Boyd, Morelos and Windass. I don't hear anybody shouting to bring Bodchenko back. Why? Because he is old

      I stood up for Lafferty in bars all over town when he was embarrassing us - then he walked. Yes, it is bitter, I am. I will never forget or forgive.

      On a more rational point, there are better, younger players out there with sell on value. Let's look forward

    2. 1. Hes Been The Only one to Admit the Mistake

      2. 👍

      3. Not Often Enough...
      Where was Windass in the 4-0 ?
      Where was Windass at 5-0
      And Laff doesnt Blow Hot/Cold

      4. I didnt say they werent hardworkers 😏

      5. 👍

      6. Maybe ...Still think its worth it tho for 500k

      7. We cud get another 4yrs out of him! ...and he didnt score fewer than all of them.

      And where they at? 😅

    3. 1. Agreed but a guilty plea doesn't usually result in a dropping of punishment - his is to play elsewhere
      3. Where was everybody? If Laff doesn't blow hot and cold yet Windass outscores him then he is only blowing lukewarm. I would say he does blow hot and cold, as he scored 3 against Celtic and Windass still outscored him over the season
      4. We agree
      6. Still think there are better options out there - so does SG by the looks of it
      7. He scored fewer league goals than all of those 3. he was 4th top league scorer

      Fact is, we don't even know what he would cost. Jamie Waker is £1Million to us and £300k to England. Hearts have not set a price and it looks like SG has found alternatives. I am happy with his buys this far, so will put my faith in him and the scouts.
      But very glad to be discussing football here instead of the horrors of the last 6 years, Stevo :-)

  2. I think Stevie Ger should just sign the Croat World cup team.

  3. This is a wise move for many reasons. Currently the English market is experiencing an unheard of price inflation for players. This inflation is being driven by lucrative TV revenues which are seeing clubs like Bournemouth with an extra ~120M per year. This flush of liquidity, though great for EPL, simply prices the SPL out of what was traditionally, an SPL feeder market. Compound that with TV revenues across Western European nations and you are seeing an explosion in player values. This pushes the Rangers eastward. However, this is a good thing and should have happened long before the TV money explosion happened. What is appearing may be the bedrock of a potentially highly lucrative relationship between Rangers and Eastern Europe, primarily the Balkans. If Rangers establish and maintain relations in the east, this coul be seen by players and teams as a pipeline to the highly lucrative EPL and other western markets. Rangers would in essence play the middle man banking all the way. I like it! Let's Go!

  4. I just Google'd this kid it's says he plays for the gers

  5. check Google it says he plays for the gers

  6. Stats are a bit off here he's scored 50 goals in 110 games for zagreb

    1. We didn’t present the stats too well admittedly. We neglected to point out the phrase ‘last season’.

  7. Awesome forget Laff

    LETS GO WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. I'm still putting in a shout, for Curtis Main.

    1. Shout away Joe. If you think the solution to our attacking deficiencies is a Motherwell player who has scored 31 league goals as a professional since 2009 then there is no hope for us.

  9. Like the sound of this lad...The Balkans is a rich area of good committed hungry players who seem 100% on comittment and don't mess either !!
    As far a Lafferty goes ...I wanted him to come but as usual we are Toxic to these Bastards who all seem hell bent on trying to hinder and block us at every turn , the Walker fiasco proved that last season ...fucking disgrace Hope Rangers and Steven Gerrard take great pleasure in sticking it right up them all WATP

  10. Alright Stevie
    Calm Down on Signing Players from Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia
    Fkin Hell!
    There are other countries to buy from 🤔


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