Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Why Rangers' board will struggle to fix THESE mistakes...

When Rangers appointed Mark Warburton in July 2015 following Stuart McCall’s disappointing failure to overcome Motherwell, it was regarded as a bold, unpredictable and very left-field appointment.

Fans were initially happy with the choice, given the man’s stock in England with a rising Brentford, but by around early October, despite Rangers ultimately winning out promotion as champions, there were nagging doubts the Bread Man would have the versatility needed for the SPL.

Those fears were completely founded.

When Warburton left acrimoniously, another bizarre and even more left-field appointment was made in the form of Pedro Caixinha, a truly appalling decision that we on the site called out as a dud from the moment we learned of him.

Once Pedro was exposed, he was gone. Eventually.

Now Graeme Murty was left as caretaker while the board disappointingly pursued Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes, a choice few really wanted at Ibrox before the man himself choked and changed his mind.

Which left another left-field appointment (which we opposed) of leaving the caretaker in permanent charge till the end of the season.

Now we are seeing how poor an appointment that was – following a period of flirting with being half decent, Murty’s rein has stumbled badly and the 43-year old rookie coach has looked completely lost and idea-less.

So, the question we must ask here of you all:

Do you actually trust the board to make the right appointment next time?

We spoke of how they were under pressure to make a better appointment after the ultimate failure of Warburton, then when Caixinha went down the tubes we affirmed how critical the next appointment was.

And now that choice appears to be stumbling in line with the rest, we realise we simply do not trust the board to get the right man at all.

In short, they don’t know who the right man is, and they won’t find him if the last three (or more) are anything to go by.

We have given up saying ‘it’s critical to get the next appointment right’ because we said it last time and the board went for another bad choice following the rejection of yet another.

In short, the board will appoint who the board will appoint and all we fans can now do is cross our fingers and hope for better.

In terms of who we on the site want – we were asked this a while ago and said we suggested Robinson, Clarke, Wright and McCall. Guys who understand the SPL and Rangers or at least the expectations. We were derided for those suggestions, albeit we wonder exactly who we were expected to say? Guardiola?

Frank de Boer seems to be growing in stature, and information is it’s a very real possibility. And we actually do like the idea. A Dutch influence who had great success at Ajax. And who knows Rangers and the SPL.

But the question is the board’s own ability to pick the best man rather than their own stubborn left-field inappropriate choices.

And that’s where things fall down every time.

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