Thursday, 5 April 2018

Think Rangers have progressed? THIS appalling stat proves otherwise

In the last seven matches, Celtic have picked up 12 points of a possible 21.

Read that again. Of seven SPL matches in a row, Celtic have only won 3.

Nothing else sums up how poor Celtic have been this season, and what a travesty Rangers’ decision making has been that could otherwise have won this league.

It’s all ifs and buts, of course, but for the latest dropping of points Dundee went to Parkhead and held out for 0-0. And when we look at how far behind Rangers are, it is absolutely excruciating to think what might have been with better managerial appointments and better signings.

Last summer not a single penny spent was good money, other than Daniel Candieas and maybe Alfredo Morelos. Of £10M+, only two good players arrived. Otherwise the disappointing Bruno Alves, the weak Fabio Cardoso, the underwhelming Graham Dorrans, the horrendous Eduardo Herrera and the comically out of sorts Carlos Pena.

Meanwhile Ryan Jack struggled to mentally cope with playing for Rangers, Dalcio was horrific and Aaron Nemane was a borderline joke signing.

Plus of course the appointment of Pedro, the McInnes debacle then the Murty shambles.

All while Celtic were tripping up constantly in easily the worst season they have had since 2012.

Yet they’re still miles ahead of Rangers.

Rangers’ own diabolically poor signings, appointments and mismanagement has cost this club a real crack at the title. Look what canny management has done for Killie – they’re, form wise, the best team in Scotland now!

Expectation is higher at Ibrox, and Rangers seem incapable of getting anything right and taking advantage of weakness elsewhere.

True, the gap to Celtic is not the 30+ points it was last season – BECAUSE CELTIC ARE SO BAD. We have not improved one bit.

After 32 matches last season Celtic had 90 points. Now they have 72. We had 59 this time last season. Guess what. 59 this. Celtic are 18 points worse off, we are in exactly the same position.

And we will continue as long as Rangers keep making bad decisions on and off the pitch.

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