Sunday, 15 April 2018

Has Rangers star used up all his goodwill?

There is certainly much more to come as we continue to sift through the absolute travesty of today’s disastrous mauling at the hand of Celtic, but one thing has become absolutely apparent and can only be disputed by those who expect less than myself:

Alfredo Morelos isn’t good enough to be a Rangers striker for the big occasions.

That’s right – we praised him the other day for being Scotland’s top scorer, but just like Kris Boyd before him he chokes against Celtic. Every. Single. Time.

Not for a second did yours truly believe the last-minute effort at Ibrox was going in, purely because it was him on the end of it, ergo I didn’t rise to celebrate an inevitable goal.

Oddly enough when he was completely free today with another open goal, I actually let myself believe this might be the time his disgusting record against Celtic would end.

Oh what a fool I was – Alfredo Morelos couldn’t score against Celtic with an open goal 50ft wide at his mercy.

And that isn’t the mental strength of any striker who puts on our shirt. He has wasted so many glorious chances that he has truly used up goodwill now. If he had any left.

He’ll do it against Ayr (oh wait, open goal miss there too), and Motherwell (with the easiest chance of the lot) and even does it against some of the top six.

But against Celtic is how we judge our Rangers players, and Morelos is a failure against them. It’s brutal, but it’s the truth. He has not the mental aptitude or composure to deliver against the best team in the country.

And yet, some fans say ‘he’s only 21, he’s still developing’. Might wanna check Moussa Dembele’s age folks, and he’s scored 5, 6, 7 goals against us?

Age isn’t an excuse. Morelos just doesn’t have it in the games which count, and he’s a choker. Plain and simple.

Murty, Rangers’ ‘manager’ said pre-match:

"I believe that Alfredo does get there, that we can find him in there and I do believe that given the opportunity, he could hit the back of the net for us. It's about making sure we give him those opportunities and when he gets those - and he may only get one - he takes it with both hands. He also needs to make sure the rest of his game is on point, because taking chances is just one part of what we need from him."

Actually, against Celtic, it’s the main thing we need from him. And he can’t do it.

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