Sunday, 15 April 2018

Has Rangers star used up all his goodwill?

There is certainly much more to come as we continue to sift through the absolute travesty of today’s disastrous mauling at the hand of Celtic, but one thing has become absolutely apparent and can only be disputed by those who expect less than myself:

Alfredo Morelos isn’t good enough to be a Rangers striker for the big occasions.

That’s right – we praised him the other day for being Scotland’s top scorer, but just like Kris Boyd before him he chokes against Celtic. Every. Single. Time.

Not for a second did yours truly believe the last-minute effort at Ibrox was going in, purely because it was him on the end of it, ergo I didn’t rise to celebrate an inevitable goal.

Oddly enough when he was completely free today with another open goal, I actually let myself believe this might be the time his disgusting record against Celtic would end.

Oh what a fool I was – Alfredo Morelos couldn’t score against Celtic with an open goal 50ft wide at his mercy.

And that isn’t the mental strength of any striker who puts on our shirt. He has wasted so many glorious chances that he has truly used up goodwill now. If he had any left.

He’ll do it against Ayr (oh wait, open goal miss there too), and Motherwell (with the easiest chance of the lot) and even does it against some of the top six.

But against Celtic is how we judge our Rangers players, and Morelos is a failure against them. It’s brutal, but it’s the truth. He has not the mental aptitude or composure to deliver against the best team in the country.

And yet, some fans say ‘he’s only 21, he’s still developing’. Might wanna check Moussa Dembele’s age folks, and he’s scored 5, 6, 7 goals against us?

Age isn’t an excuse. Morelos just doesn’t have it in the games which count, and he’s a choker. Plain and simple.

Murty, Rangers’ ‘manager’ said pre-match:

"I believe that Alfredo does get there, that we can find him in there and I do believe that given the opportunity, he could hit the back of the net for us. It's about making sure we give him those opportunities and when he gets those - and he may only get one - he takes it with both hands. He also needs to make sure the rest of his game is on point, because taking chances is just one part of what we need from him."

Actually, against Celtic, it’s the main thing we need from him. And he can’t do it.


  1. He tries to hard. Truthfully he needs helps and support, but right now Cummins has proven to be a big game player. Today’s tactics were weird to say the least. Hailday and dorrans were in each other’s positions and murphey again disappeared for most of the game. He’s bottled it again in another big game. He’s supposed to be one of the older responsible players but does the opposite and Martin... hopefully he doesn’t stay...
    The ibrox loss was gutting prob because we were so good in the 1st half and celtics goals were unstoppable. But today we could have stopped those goals easily enough with just basic football 😭

  2. There is no belief in King, Park, Robertson et al. Murty and the whole team are devoid of leadership. We can discuss/debate players all and every day to no end but we have become Marie Celeste.
    If there is no regime takeover we could become Titanic.
    The one thing missing from Ibrox is a ruthless winner of a chairman who drives the club forward 24/7 from a seat at the top of the marble staircase. Everything else is a sideshow of weakness in all of King's appointees.

    1. Alex you will be aware that King Park and some others are due 18 Million having propped us up for 3 seasons after the Charlatans were thrown out and Asheley relented . I don't see anyone waiting in the wings ...We are all hurting ..This is the time to stand up and be counted . As a Shareholder I can promise you the board will be held to account at the next or even an EGM .Please

  3. Rangers do not have the players to match Celtic, at the moment

    1. Do Killie, Motherwell or Hearts and they have all held or beaten Celtic this season?
      Motherwell will give them a better game in the final than we have, to me and it pains me to say it but our team bottled it both today and at the last old firm game.
      This is the FIRST Rangers game I switched off in all my years supporting this club I had NEVER switched off a TV game (I do attend games at times, just cant afford a season ticket) but I did today, they players should hang their heads in shame. Defenders with over 1k appearances between them and they cant defend, Martin letting a boy try and hold off the attack from them then laying off the second goal, what a joke of a team. Cant wait until the summer clear out begins and I just HOPE we can do better next season with another new team

  4. For what it’s worth, I agree 100%!

  5. Sometimes the truth hurts, we have to accept that we are just going round in circles with the present chairman. Think back to Ashley, yes a lot of issues, but you got decisions which were or would have been backed up with the kind of money we needed then, now it is 10 times worse (the money we need, do not believe what Mr K wants you to hear and believe) we were dire on the field today, however off the field the issues are much much worse.But hey the board would have us believe a Chinese outfit will pay £11M plus for Morelas, aye right J

    1. Ashley! When did he invest in the club/team. In our hour of need he gave us 4 players from Newcastle reserves that apart from one player were either injured or ineligible due to illness - while meanwhile stealing the shirts contract etc!

    2. Spot on Dexter this continual playback to Ashley makes me really angry ..Him and his cohorts stole thousands from Rangers and bought penny shares from the C*&&T Green !!!

  6. Morelos, like the rest of Warburton’s signings and the £10M squandered by Pedro, are simply not good enough.

    After having the better part of a day to muse on today’s game across the pond, I genuinely feel bad for Murty, and I think the criticism leveled at him, from this site and the broader Ger’s support, is wholly unwarranted. The problem is we have crap players and people running the administration side of the club don’t have a clue.

    Pedro was a clown, and yet the board saw fit to give him £10M or whatever it was, and when they finally realized how much of a fraud he was, they asked Murty to salvage the season. Repair the fractious dressing room; secure 2nd place; and go on a cup run. Well, mission accomplished on all 3 fronts at least as of today. And without the benefit of being backed with a transfer budget in Jan or the funds to extend the contract of the best defender at the club.

    Murty isn’t good enough to be our manager. But he’s actually accomplished what was asked of him. Some of our support need to get a grip on reality and recognize that he was put into an impossible situation, and he actually has done what was asked of him. And his reputation is in tatters at the moment.

    All I know is that DK and the board better have some funds ready to rebuild the squad, because I don’t think a competent manager is going to be willing to take the abuse given to Murty without the opportunity to sign some players who haven’t had the misfortune of losing to a bunch of fecking amateurs from Luxembourg.

  7. We can't blame one player for that shambles, he did get stuck in even broon shat it when he stood up to him.
    He's up there on his own against 4.
    The keeper saved both his attempts he never missed.
    Lot Lot worse out there yesterday.
    Reports today him and Docherty were fighting in the dressing room and Halliday called Murty a fuking bawbag, don't know if that's all true.

    Like Murty as a man but he's lost the dressing room, the players know he won't be there next season and most of them know they won't be there also.

    Honestly it was embarrassing we all know it,
    But nothing's changed from last Monday, we all new deep down Murty wasn't the man (Totally Confirmed Yesterday)
    We all know 10 of the players will be leaving in the summer (Also Confirmed Yesterday)
    Only thing to take from yesterday was Confirmation of the above and we only need watch 5 more games with this current crop of pish!!!

  8. He is a good player but we need better,its ok to say we looked good for ten or so mins he should have got us a goal but it was just not to be.

  9. There is no doubt money is needed, but look at the team Celtic put on the park and tell me how much it cost to assemble. (Let's exclude wages for a minute because most came in on modest deals and had them improved as the team got CL etc)

    Gordon - free
    Lustig - 1m-2m?
    Boyata - less than 1m
    Ajer- 600k
    Tierney - free
    Brown - 4.4m
    Ntcham- 4.4m
    Rogic- free
    Forrest - free
    McGregor - free
    Dembele- 500k
    Roberts - loan
    Griffiths - 600k?
    Sinclair- 4m

    Total cost of 14 players (all of whom would walk into our team) = less than 17m in transfer fees.

    We have spent not far off that amount last two years...pathetic.

  10. think you are dreaming if you believe Mr K will deliver what we hope / wish for J

  11. Yes...If he cant score against Them
    Sell Him!

    Cummings is a better finisher anyways...and hes a bluenose! 🤔⚽💙

  12. Morelos is not a finisher but he does lead the line well & workshard. I think that’s obvious. So by that reckoning he can’t be a lone striker and must have a strike partner. So far he hasn’t hadn’t that here and that’s a major faux pas

  13. murty has had his chances hes blown it ,the whole team let him down the first ten minutes we knew what was coming ,i would drop every one who played yesterday ,we have got cover for all areas ,alnwick ,wallace, hodson ,cardosso, bates , goss, rossiter ,holt, heerera cummings ohalleron,.anything better than that bunch cowards ,that showed up yesterday

  14. should have sold him to china that time...who decided not to do so?

  15. Murty is not, never has, and never will be of the calibre of Manager befitting Glasgow Rangers. To be fair he’s never claimed he is nor did he apply for the job....but he does take the money and the title so he must take the responsibility. Playing Halliday and entertaining the likes of Holt, Miller, Dorrans, O’Halloran et al will see him pumped and rightly so. If not for just being Mr Nice and the forever diplomat.

    We need to invest in a quality experienced high level manager and if that means £2M pa then so be it.

    I for 1 won’t be renewing my ST (of 32yrs) until I see the picture change and charlatans chased down Edmiston Drive.


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