Thursday, 4 January 2018

What does the Ibrox future hold for forgotten Rangers star?

We have written about this lad so many times on here, discussed him so many times, and yet each time rather than there being a good outlook and optimism, it just sinks deeper and deeper into despair for Jordan Rossiter.

This 20-year old arrived in summer 2016 under huge fanfare. We remember the hype – various Liverpool legends called him the next Steven Gerrard, and other comparisons were made with Barry Ferguson.

England’s U19 international captain, Rossiter had it all. Strength, power, workrate, vision, team ethic, and a host of other traits.

The one thing he did not have was fitness.

And that is why Jurgen Klopp allowed this impressive young talent to switch for a nominal cross-border fee to Scotland.

And in well over 18 months, Jordan Rossiter has only made 10 appearances for Rangers, which is tragedy beyond words. It feels like he has made more, but he barely makes ten fingers given some of those appearances were partial.

The latest ‘word on the street’ from manager Graeme Murty sums it up rather sadly:

“He is going through a hard time physically and psychologically.”

In short, Rossiter is depressed, and is seriously struggling to get fit, and keep that infectious grin of his going.

“He’s getting fantastic support”, Murty went on. “Our medical staff are taking really, really good care of him. What we want to do it take away any performance anxiety or any other stresses that he has so that he keeps his focus on getting his body right and making sure he can maximise his potential. Part of the way to do that is to take away time limits, take away restrictions on it and just make sure that holistically you look at everything in his life and around him that can put him in a positive place. We are not sure where we are time wise. We were looking at Jordan progressing. He’s not progressing as fast as we would like or, I’m sure, he would like. Having been injured for 18 months myself, the monotony of it, the grind of it and the fact that it never changes can really wear you down. So we need to make sure we give him a variety of different stimulus so that we can actually physically and psychologically take care of him as well as possible.”

The problem with this is Rossiter has been through about three different spells out injured, at Ibrox anyway. He had three bad injuries at Liverpool as well which cost him a year of his career, and he is in more or less his third one at Ibrox.

And they are not all related injuries. The first at Ibrox was back problems causing problems with his thighs and upper leg, then it moved onto an apparent calf injury, and now that is the official line again for the third spell out.

It is evident Rangers are looking for new blood in this area. Graeme Murty lacks a single truly established DM, with Ryan Jack perennially suspended or injured, and Ross McCrorie still yet to absolutely affirm himself as the solution there.

Meanwhile in front of these guys Carlos Pena is on his way out, Graham Dorrans is injured and has equally not produced overly well in his time at Ibrox, and Holt, while honest enough, is not of a good enough level.

So the likes of Hamilton’s Greg Docherty, QPR’s Sean Goss et all are either being looked at or signed to try to build something in midfield.

Because, truth be told, 18 months on from signing, and Rossiter’s problems are not improving but rather declining.

No one would be happier to see the bubbly anchor back in the squad than us – he is as good if not better than anyone else we have when fit.

But his reported £10,000 weekly wage is currently a hole in our finances and unless a solution can be found in a reasonable period of time, we must put the club first and consider terminating his deal.

And that hurts to say.


  1. What's happening with Danny Wilson ,isn't his contract up in May ,and not a word

  2. He needs to be sent away to the states or to somewhere else that has the best people in the world to get to the root of his fitness issues. And give us a proper diagnosis and then rangers can decide what's the next step to take and whether it's the termination of his deal. Cause this has gone on long enough.

  3. He’s gonna be crooked for most of his career I recon. He needs to be moved on to save his wages

  4. I am a little unclear as to what we gain by terminating his contract. I can't see his agent/lawyer settling for less than full payment of the contract, given that he has no prospect of getting another one from anyone until he can prove his fitness.

    So as we will not save a single £, why not let hi stay and see if he can make it back? As you say, he is good, if fit, so let's see if he can get there, at no cost to us beyond our current commitment.

    If he makes t, great. If he doesn't, we have lost nothing

    1. You are spot on with your point.

      We are Rangers and we can't be that club who gets into legal ramifications with ex employees who we have terminated there contract because they were injured at their place of work and now can't perform their job.
      Could you imagine any other business acting like that?

      Let's stick by him and help him to his recovery. It'd be great if we could get the lad back playing again, even if it's not for us (preferably it would be) And most importantly not back and playing for THEM. We don't need another Craig Gordon story.

      Also, we have insurance that will be covering part of his wages and medical treatment.

  5. As much as it pains to say ...
    ...its time to move him on 😞

    Hes permanently injured and taking £10k a week

  6. Sad to say it but I dont think we will see him playing again for us he obviously has an illness which affects his whole system it has lasted too long, on the subject of midfield play makers I have said before go for Hyndman at Bournemouth we know what he can do and is out of favour just now there worth a chance to come on loan again

  7. What everyone misses Liverpool likened him to sourness but got rid and rangers fell for it they offloaded him knowing he was injury prone wish someone would pay me to watch football the boy must laugh when his wages go into his now massive account

  8. Really move him on to where??
    Where U planning moving him to Alaska??
    Till his contracts expired he's in house simple as.
    Hope he gets better he's quality!

  9. We were obviously hood winked when we were signed him it's not the first player to be signed who was deemed to be injury prone if we are honest I think we should get him sorted as it maybe the end of his career and we don't want to be tagged as a club who does look after the wellbeing of their players that way we can possible recover some of his value I agree we should try to bring hydman or vudic back wrather it be on lone or permanent ly .

    1. Spot on Allan.
      Send him stateside bet they have him sorted in no time!


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