Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why Rangers will suffer from Celtic's lack of 'Sporting Integrity'

Josh Meekings. Being honest, you probably did not have a clue who he was before Sunday; the majority certainly did not.

But ‘that’ handball later and the man is not only headline news, but hashtags and general support for him have poured out of not only Scottish football, but even from England too.

Donations have been made to his club, Inverness, in relation to this absolute farce of a scenario and Scottish football, the SFA in particular, has been made an utter laughing stock of global football.

For those of you on the moon, Meekings handballed a certain goal in the semi final against Celtic, but did not receive a red card. Celtic argue it cost them a place in the final, and wrote a letter to the SFA demanding an explanation.

Despite retrospective action never having been taken against a handball in football, the SFA dished out an unprecedented ban on Meekings, rending him unavailable for the final, the biggest day of his life.

Meekings is being punished for the officials’ mistake. No retrospective punishment of course for either Brown’s scything tackle or Zaluska’s stonewall penalty concession, waved away by the official.

This is, of course, a Rangers blog, so why on earth am I on about Celtic and Inverness?

Because, like my previous entry discussing ‘Sporting Integrity’, Celtic are once again showing there is none of it in Scottish football, and that they are making the rules up to suit themselves as it goes along.

This affects Rangers. Next season the Ibrox men will almost certainly be in the SPL and any bureaucratic favouritism towards Celtic will affect Rangers detrimentally.

The reaction to Celtic’s pathetic letter has been universal condemnation and utter mockery, and quite rightly so, but what happens when Rangers are in the SPL – it goes from supporting someone like Josh Meekings to outrage when some scandal favouring Celtic hurts Rangers.

Peter Lawwell is already as deep into the SFA as it gets; the man is part of the panel deciding whether or not Dave King passes the Fit and Proper Person test, and that goes something beyond a conflict of interest.

Celtic have become so deeply entrenched within the ruling halls of the Scottish game there is simply no even playing field north of the border.

As the Daily Mail’s Adrian Durham put it, they essentially expected to make the final. They were so arrogant as to truly believe they had a divine right to be there.

What happens when it is Rangers who suffer at the hands of this raging partiality?

That Celtic grassing up Meekings to the SFA is utterly pathetic, embarrassing and worthy of utter scorn is beyond shameful, but how will Rangers handle injustices like this going against us?

If only Rangers could leave this pit of disgrace that is the Scottish game.


  1. Celtic making rules up for themselves is the kind of comment I'd expect from a tim about Rangers. If that was against us we would be up in arms aswell. there is no denying it was a game changing decision. Also, you said Rangers will almost certainly be playing in the SPL next season. I wish I shared your confidence.

    1. Celtic making rules up themselves ? you mean like Celtic receiving TWO consecutive home fixtures to START the season in TWO consecutive season 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 so they could play lucrative friendlies or cancel a game to prepare for the Champions League qualifiers.
      This season a "random" August midweek fixture list suddenly appeared meaning that while they tried to qualify for the Champions League Celtic did not have an away Saturday fixture until 23rd August when they played a weakened team in a defeat at Inverness prior to Maribor removing them from the Champions League,so their manipulation of the "random"league fixture list did them no good after all.
      Scottish football is absolutely corrupt to the core

  2. Absolute shocking division from the sfa to ban him, there was no way in the world that it was deliberate, sure you would want a penalty all day long but the player was running in to try and win the ball and although his arms are high it was definitely ball to hand rather than hand to ball

  3. You make me laugh. You lot threw away the book of integrity when the oldco went into liquidation , and as for being in the spl next season what hallucinogenic drug are you on

  4. Conspiracy Masonic lodge orange order we are all cheats poor old Celtic every one hate us well the truth is it definately was a hand ball and am glad your out get it right up you Celtic have been a bunch of cheating manipulating bastards for years thought all that stuff was finished with that cheating cunt Lennon leaving ant talking about Lennon getting a big cuddle of is he heading down the same road as garza looks like a jk

  5. i thought all that cheating conspiracy stuff had gone with that iIRA lover Lennon but no same old Celtic at it again get over it your out happy days also was near sick to see supper ally giving him a big cuddle he's went even lower in my estimation but it might have been the drink he looks a sorry old state is he heading down the garza road

  6. Brilliantly funny listening to all these tims greetin' their eyes oot. Trotting out all the old and tired 'we ay get cheated and have done since time began' garbage.

    Aaaaaahahahaha.......toooooo funny.


  7. If that mistake had cost Rangers a Final place I would be furious. The difference is, I wouldn't be blaming it on a conspiracy, or demanding Meekings pay for the mistake. I would be angry my team had not managed to overcome ICT anyway. I seem to remember us beating St Mirren in a final with only 9 men.
    But then, I am not a paranoid bigot supporting a team of very bad losers

  8. Celtics anger should be at Craig Gordon for conceding the penalty and getting sent off. He let his team and supporters down. A very experienced guy can have no excuses. Even if Caley had scored , had Gordon stayed on his feet and stayed on the park Celtic would probably have won. So why write letters to the SFA when they have it in their own hands to punish Gordon.

  9. You guys could give bigotry lessons to the guid lord,get over yourselves ! why doncha ?

  10. I don't think Celtics intentions were to have Meekings punished but rather to get some answers regarding why 6 officials could not see a clear penalty. I agree had Gordon not committed a foul and allowed ICT to score, Celtic would likely have gone on to win the game. Both mistakes were huge but the only ones who should be punished any further, should be the officials.


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