Thursday, 30 April 2015

Stuart McCall: "We don't mind finishing third"

Stuart McCall claims finishing in second place ‘doesn’t give you anything’ and has tried to place emphasis on preparation for playoffs rather than the position Rangers finish in.

He said:

“Obviously we want to finish second and have two less games but it doesn’t give you anything and there’ll be no celebration from us if we do finish second”.

For McCall, the importance being portrayed is having a strong focus and build up to the playoffs and not to let other results distract the team. On that he said:

“What we need to do is go and have a really good strong performance into the playoffs on Saturday and regardless of the results elsewhere or our result as long as we’re in good mindset going into the playoffs the week after.”

But the truth is McCall will know making second place is critical, and not playing Queen of the South absolutely vital given the hoodoo regarding Rangers’ lack of success against James Fowler’s men.

And winning at Tynecastle while hoping Hibs succumb to Falkirk is the aim of the day.

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  1. Rangers will beat Queens. Then next two ties. If we don't we don't deserve promotion. But plus side is 3 large gates and fantastic filip for next season. 7 straight wins coming up. Be positive.


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