Saturday, 25 April 2015

Is Haris Vuckic worth £500,000?

We learned not overly long ago now that the infamous “Newcastle Five” would set Rangers back £500,000 if promotion was secured.

Once again Sports Direct/Mike Ashley profit from Rangers. But that is not the subject of debate.

With four of the five still yet to feature significantly for Rangers, only Haris Vuckic has carried the torch for the frankly absurd deal, scoring a boatload of goals and doing a great deal to increase his stock in the football world.

While he was technically a Slovenian international, truthfully no one had ever heard of him beyond keen-eyed Geordies but it is thanks to Rangers he has become an increasingly prominent figure in mid-level British football.

The question is, does his contribution justify the potential outlay of half a million pounds just for the privilege of having him and his injured chums train at Murray Park.

It is a tricky one. Many fans would argue the sacrifice of such a glut of cash is a good investment in the grand scheme of things, if Rangers do manage do achieve promotion with his goals and contribution playing a role in said accolade.

On the other hand, he is a loan, and beyond special circumstances (such as Falcao) loans are not supposed to have a price tag attached. And more than anything, they are certainly not supposed to have one attached as a result of a condition being achieved.

Given the fact his four chums are essentially crocks who have been registered to Rangers since late January but outwith him have managed 43 minutes of first team football between them, it seems an exorbitant price to pay for the return obtained.

Unfortunately given Rangers will already be charged £500,000 just for mere participation in the playoffs thanks to the SPFL voting a lock in, the Ibrox Club’s coffers are being tested at a time they need nothing but help.

Is Vuckic worth £500,000? If things were normal, he would possibly fetch that amount. But things are not normal and these circumstances are a blackmail clause rather than a player’s direct value.


  1. Old Board should be charged criminally for the deals they did, they certainly were not in the best interest of Rangers and that was there primary responsibility as directors

  2. Personally speaking, Durrant was my all time favourite, never shied a kittry. Fly fatso that's another story, he better settle up if he wants to show his face round Ibrox ever again, Justin Barnes could be the biggest danger to us. Squint better not mess with the crests or anything.

  3. Tom Cassidy can you translate that diatribe into English?

  4. Secondly, we need a holistic approach to supporting our team and fellow fans. This would mean embracing all that is inclusive around our cause, even if some of our peer pretenders sound like part of a mephisto puzzle , not related to the BNP, which would be the one exclusion to my simple philosophy. No real supporter would call Durrant’s credentials into question. Interpretation does vary according to stupidity so we must always be willing to make allowance when we don't understand. works for Ashley and will running rings round any and all challenges.

    1. Holistic approach to supporting our team?

      No supporter could question Durrant? You having a giraffe???
      Every supporter can question whoever they like. Because Durrant was a good player for Gers 20/30 yrs ago (not great but shoulda been barring that injury), doesn't mean he has a devine right to a job for life or above reproach.

      John Greg got the sack ffs when he wasn't cutting it. The club is no1, no individual comes close.

  5. I'm split on the booing.

    Whilst I don't like players in the Gers team being boo'd by their own, I must say the fans have no other means to vent their fury. This wasn't a 1 or 2 game dip in form where McCulloch is concerned. The guy has been visibly shocking for years and finished as s Gers player for as many years. Whilst great centre backs don't need to be blessed with great pace this isn't the main problem. McCulloch is never a centre back in a million years.

    Add to all of this the 70 odd grand a month he's picking up to fail to motivate an organise this sorry lot this season and it's fast become utterly shambolic. No player is bigger than the team, and he for 1 won't be going down as a Rangers great.

    Cheers Lee, nice knowing ye, don't let the door hit yet arse on the way out.

  6. Editor, my last comment above was on the topic of McCulloch booing, not on vuckic.

    Cmon son, get it the gither. Haha.

  7. Half Mill on Vuckic all day long.

    Early 20's, ability, energy, goal threat, left sided, Ffs man..... Nae brainer.


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