Monday, 30 March 2015

Rangers to sign Haris Vuckic?

As brought to you here and here, it has now emerged the infamous “Newcastle Five” deal was a deliberate farce, with at least three of the players blatantly unfit (Ferguson, Mbabu & Streete), and one ‘ill’ with some mystery medical affliction (Bigirimana).

Indeed, the only one to play more than 43 minutes for Rangers in fully two months is Slovenian cap Haris Vuckic (whose loan signing was broken to you exclusively here), and it is safe to say he is becoming a firm fans’ favourite, with two fine goals capping an outstanding cameo on Saturday v Cowdenbeath.

So the question is will Haris Vuckic remain a Rangers player beyond the summer?

The terms of the ‘deal’ were 6 months, with the notion the players will get fit using Murray Park facilities, maybe getting some game time, before returning to St James’ and being sold off at profit to Championship or League 1 teams.

This fraud deal is not the players’ fault, with the possible exception of Gael Bigirimana who, to his credit, has admitted he knew of his medical condition prior to the trip north and essentially knew he could not play.

So he could have vetoed it, and avoided wasting Rangers’ time.

But Vuckic has made the polar opposite impact, of bagging several goals, and while his one weakness is a lack of pace, there is potential in this young man and he looks happy playing his football north of the border.

Manager Stuart McCall’s praise of him could not be more lavish:

"I've said before he reminds me so much of big Mikhailichenko who I used to play with. He's very graceful, left footed, technically excellent and can score a goal. He did that."

If McCall had his way, Rangers would clearly fork out the fee for Vuckic and the Slovenian would stay at Ibrox. Rangers’ boss went on:

"I know he was slightly disappointed not to start today but he realised the result we had at Easter Road last week. We said we would get him on for at least half an hour and he was a good sub to have at that stage when they are tiring because he's got great ability. So again it's food for thought next week now.”

It remains to be seen if McCall himself stays in the job, but Vuckic has certainly proved his worth and given the clear out of a dozen this summer, one who could be snapped up for sure is the former Domzale forward.


  1. Boy has loads of abillity and the composure too match ! it is a shame he hasnt got any pace , but we most certainly wouldnt get a sniff of him if he had ? as he would without doubt be a player who would move for big money !.....would fit in just fine for Rangers at the moment though .

  2. Get him signed no Brainer...funny he has no pace but looks fitter and quicker than any player at ibrox this season ....part timers are quicker than our players as proved time and again ....welcome haris with open arms and deadwood out asap ...1st out moshni then duds like Smith Boyd black etc etc

    1. Moshni is potentially our best defender. I know he makes errors but if he can be coached to stick to basics he can make an effective contribution. He tries to retain possession in every situation, which is a skill only the most accomplished players can hope to achieve. Examine his contribution over the 90 minutes. Sometimes even the most polished defenders have to play it long.

  3. I agee with the last caller try to sign vuckic ,get rid of the 12 who out of contract except Macgregor.

  4. If Streete was blatantly unfit , how come he played against Raith Rovers .That is when he got injured.
    As for Vuckic , good technical player who lacks a bit of pace , however if he had that pace he probably would be playing at a higher level and we wouldn`t have had a chance to sign him.
    If the terms were right I would sign him in a minute.

  5. Jorg albertz was not blessed with pace but became a rangers great I would sign vuckic without hesitation


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