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Friday, 19 May 2017

Sergeant Warburton's Loan-ly Rangers Club - where are they now?

If one thing punctuated Mark Warburton’s ultimately disastrous regime at Ibrox, it was his unforgiveable use of Ibrox and Murray Park as a pseudo-lab for other teams’ youth players while borderline auditioning himself for another gig by showing how ‘well’ he could develop these young players.

As a homage to our fine ex-manager, Ibrox Noise decided to take an irreverent look down Memory Lane and have a look at all the departed loanees Bread Man brought in and ask the pertinent question: ‘where are they now?’

Monday, 13 February 2017

The next manager of Rangers - getting it right...

 Article by: Greg Roots

Via Jim White, it appeared to be confirmed today that Dave King would seek to appoint an interim boss to see us through until summer so that himself and the board could be given some breathing space and time in order to ensure that the next permanent appointment was the correct one. Loads of fans will have differing opinions on who the right man for the Ibrox hot-seat is, but one thing we can agree on is that there is absolutely no room for error unless we fancy being also-rans for the foreseeable future.

There are several issues in play which have to be addressed before we can arrive at the ideal candidate for the job given our current circumstances. The main ones are; fan expectations, having a footballing strategy and of course the financial constraints faced by the club.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

The three stars of Rangers' future?

If there is one justification to manager Mark Warburton’s fixation on midfielders, it is the abundant truth that while he has more on his roster than is generally normal for a top flight team to have in that position, few of them are actually any good. Of those available, prior to January’s window, it could be argued absolutely none of the midfielders Mark Warburton had at his disposal were even up to the standard required.

Obviously the blame for this has to be more than significantly at his door, and that of Frank McParland, but either way, the depth to choose from in that department was weak. Out of favour Matt Crooks (now a Scunthorpe loanee), perennially-wasted out of position Andy Halliday (still unconvincing at DM), and the struggling Jason Holt who simply has not performed at the level expected of him since the step up to the SPL were the staple choices available. Other options include Josh Windass (depressingly out of form) and Harry Forrester (has fallen into the fringes of the first team) so it is evident that Rangers’ quality in the engine room was extraordinarily poor.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The mess in midfield

If ever a transfer window summed up the aimless direction Mark Warburton is going in, it would be this one. With two new creative midfielders signed up over the past 48 hours, to call the man’s obsession with midfield unnerving would be something of an understatement.

Since this window began, Rangers have been linked with at least five creative midfielders, two of them confirmed as joining up at the Marble Staircase, while the likes of Jota and Hepburn Murphy have gone colder.

And many fans are questioning what Warburton’s signing policy actually is as a result, with an increasing level of exasperation and frustration over the continued targeting of not only creative midfielders, but apparently only loan deals for them too.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Warburton eyes invincible defender

 Greg Roots

If the latest rumours are anything to go by, then Mark Warburton has his eye firmly set on Ivorian centre back Kolo Toure.

The 35 year old was recently released by J├╝rgen Klopp after a lengthy spell in England, playing for clubs at the highest level. Toure was famously part of Arsene Wenger’s ‘invincible’ Arsenal side as well as appearing in a couple of major European finals, although unfortunately he won neither of them.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Just why do Rangers want so many midfielders?

With the absolute glut of signing targets emerging in the past week or so, the vast majority of players Rangers have been linked to are midfielders. From Joey Barton to Niko Kranjcar, from Jordan Rossiter to Alex Pritchard, from Matthew Knox to you name it, Mark Warburton has really gone quite postal when it comes to midfield talent.

Sure, Rangers are also linked with quite a few forwards too; Danny Graham, Jason Cummings and Danny Ings have all been mentioned in the Ibrox breath as well, but it is undeniably midfield which has seen the most activity, which is ironic as it was already arguably the strongest area of the team.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Arsenal's Gedion Zelalem at Ibrox - half season report

With six months of his (now) season-long loan deal run down, it is worth a look at Gedion Zelalem’s longer-term prospects at Ibrox, and whether manager Mark Warburton will desire to retain his services for potential life in the Premiership, should Rangers make it.

He came to Govan in a blaze of publicity, being been rated as one of the world’s top 10 youngsters during his time at Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal.

The German-born US international was described by his former coach as having the passing of Xavi and the dribbling of Iniesta, and during his early displays for his new club it was easy to understand why these labels were being attached to him. A borderline languid and casual player, his balance on the ball and vision, not to mention the time and space he seemed to have made him almost Pirlo-esque and in the early days at Ibrox he was becoming a fan-favourite and a Warbs’ starter.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

How Gedion Zelalem beat his critics

Without a shadow of a doubt, Arsenal’s on-loan playmaker Gedion Zelalem had enjoyed a stellar first quarter of the season at Ibrox. Arsene Wenger clearly trusted Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton to help get the USA youth international some first-team game time under the right tutelage, and the German-born 18 year old certainly showed fans why he had been classed as one of the best 10 youth players in the world.

However, a below-par display at St Mirren Stadium followed by an underwhelming cameo as a substitute at Easter Road saw a barrage of criticism aimed at the youngster from demanding fans, some of whom elected to suggest he was overrated and ‘had not done much’ since his arrival at Ibrox.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Report: Zelalem loan extended

According to reports, Rangers and Arsenal have agreed a further six months for on-loan Emirates star Gedion Zelalem to continue plying his trade at Ibrox.

The 18-year old playmaker has been a revelation for Rangers, proving himself every inch the potential future superstar his ability promises, and Ibrox boss Mark Warburton has been in talks to have his loan from Arsenal extended, which was initially the plan if all parties were pliable.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Rangers fans' poll: has Zelalem or Oduwa impressed more?

Two of Rangers’ most prominent players this season have been the on-loan stars from London, Arsenal’s USA youth international central midfield playmaker Gedion Zelalem, and Tottenham Hotspur’s marauding box-of-tricks winger Nathan Oduwa.

The latter has impressed fans so much he has adopted their nickname for him, ‘Magic Feet’, a homage to the ‘Magic Hat’ of his manager Mark Warburton, while the young Emirates’ star Zelalem has strolled with an incredible swagger through life in the Championship, with performances belying his tender 18 years.

However, wanted to poll its readers to ask which of these two sterling talents has impressed more. Is it the finest from Arsene Wenger’s charges at Arsenal, with the creativity from deep in Zelalem who has impressed you more, or has the man from White Hart Lane, so kindly furnished to Ibrox by Argentina’s Mauricio Pochettino, been the one to win you over?

Readers, it is over to you: who has had more impact in your opinion?

online survey

Monday, 28 September 2015

Report: Arsenal's Gedion Zelalem & his brilliance at Ibrox

When Rangers failed to snatch former Hibs’ playmaker Scott Allan, it was regarded as a major blow by many of an Ibrox persuasion, certain that the team needed him to solve the ‘regista’ problem plaguing the midfield.

Rangers, put simply, lacked a deep-lying playmaker – or the famous ‘Pirlo’ position; the kind of player who could dictate the pace of the game, slowing it down or speeding it up as and when needed, who could pick out the right pass, bring others into play and critically put his foot on the ball.

From absolutely nowhere, manager Mark Warburton pulled not just a rabbit out of a hat, but the magician’s assistant and half the stage props too when he persuaded Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to loan 18-year old USA youth international Gedion Zelalem to Ibrox until January, with a potential extension based on circumstances.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Gedion Zelalem: "Rangers are just like Arsenal"

Gedion Zelalem has confessed that he effectively holds Rangers in as high a regard as he does his parent club Arsenal.

The deep-lying playmaker has been a polished and high-quality addition to the Rangers’ engine room, with assists and composed, calm play, picking out the right passes at the key times and dictating the pace.

And a great deal of the influence he feels from Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is clearly coming through at Ibrox, where demand for success and flowing football is just as high as at the Emirates, if not more.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Alan Stubbs and his embarrassing 'mind games'

The English Premier League was once graced by one of the greatest managers who ever lived in Govan's most famous son; Sir Alex Ferguson.

Beyond his sheer brilliance tactically and commensurate ability to get more out of players than they even knew they could produce was his legendary practice of mind games.

Arsene Wenger was a long-time victim of these, and overall many would have to concede Sir Alex had the edge. Ferguson’s spiritual successor Jose Mourinho has also been more than a tad partial to indulging in these psychological bouts of warfare, and to his credit, he has been more than competent at them.