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Friday, 18 August 2017

Pedro: "This is how we'll deal with wind up merchants"

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has surprisingly admitted that he is trying to prepare his players for dealing with wind up merchants on other teams.

Speaking recently following Ryan Jack’s successful appeal over Saturday’s red card, Pedro made the stark admission that he is trying to figure out how to control his players and stop them seeing the red mist when opposition tactics deliberately set about to cause friction.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

PHOTOS: Neil Lennon incites Rangers fans

Following the fallout of yesterday’s disappointing loss at Ibrox, there has been much to chew and ponder over for Rangers fans.

Not only the performance, the result, the defence and the sending off, but the behaviour of the opposition manager too.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Eleven key talking points from Rangers' loss to Hibs

So as every man, woman and their dog know, we lost to Hibernian today. Much had been made of the gravity of this fixture leading up to it, and to call it an eventful 90 minutes is not quite doing it justice.

Ibrox Noise takes you through the key aspects of Rangers’ second SPL result of the season.

Rangers v Hibs - the seven deadly sins

Rangers face Hibs today in what probably counts as the first serious test of the new season. While the result in Luxembourg was a disaster, it should not have happened against such a poor side, and Hibs represent a significant step up in quality, on a level of serious competition.

With the Easter Road men coming to Govan, Ibrox Noise decided to take our readers on a trip down memory lane as to where this new-found rivalry derives its origins and just what all the subplots and fuss are about, exactly.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Neil Lennon: "Ibrox is a great venue"

In a curious show of honesty and respect, Hibernian manager Neil Lennon has praised Ibrox and warned his players to expect an intimidating atmosphere tomorrow afternoon.

The ex-Celtic manager and player is well known for his incendiary comments and conduct which have frequently riled up Rangers fans over the years, but this will be his first football trip to Ibrox in a non-Celtic capacity and the former Leicester player could not have been more gushing of his old adversaries.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Neil Lennon - "The tide is most definitely turning"

The above was the only concession former Celtic manager and player Neil Lennon could make on summary following a truly epic 120+ minutes at Hampden, a Scottish semi final which saw Rangers deservedly beat Celtic after a penalty shoot out. It was a slightly unexpected result overall, but after 20 minutes, it did not look in any doubt.

Manager Mark Warburton elected to select Dean Shiels to cover Harry Forrester’s absence, and what a shift the former Killie attacker put in, as they all did – and that first half was easily the best half of football Rangers have played since stopping Celtic at Ibrox in 2012. It even supplanted the Dundee performance, because, with respect to Paul Hartley’s side, Celtic are (supposedly) a far higher standard than the Dee.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Mark Warburton - Scottish football's Marmite?

By Greg Roots

Mark Warburton is universally adored by all Rangers fans around the globe, and not because he has come to the club as a high-profile boss who sees Rangers as a large paycheque with the side-challenge of managing in the gold-fish bowl that is Glasgow. Rather, he has come to us as a bright prospect with a vast amount of managerial potential. Having plied his trade in the national leagues as a right-back, he went on to work in London’s Square Mile as a city trader with RBS and AIG amongst others. The latest chapter in his life was to return to football, this time as coach for a local school team. He developed a great knowledge of the game as he travelled to watch European giants such as Barcelona and Ajax, studying them closely to develop his own ideas.