About Us

Ibroxnoise.co.uk has been running since late 2011 as an unofficial fan site for news, views, and general Rangers discussion.

We consider ourselves an 'aggregation' site for Rangers fans, that is a one-stop news, analysis, speculation, and transfer rumours site, with the occasional scoop thrown in. 

IbroxNoise has found a global audience and the readership has increased almost exponentially, and we are proud of the community we've started to build.

This site is about writing about the Club we love, Rangers.


Your Ibroxnoise.co.uk team:

Admin/editor - Ibrox Noise

He's been running this site now for years, and prefers not to be in the headlines.

Writer - Greg Roots

With the site since January 2016, season-ticket holding Greg's articles speak for many. A good trustworthy Bear, few can get to the point as accurately as he does, and while he doesn't write as frequently as he would like to, he's worth tuning into.

Writer - Kenny Reid

A long-serving contributer to Ibrox Noise, Kenny is an older Bear with an eye on the retro side of the Club - he can also be found on WATP Magazine and formerly Seventy2 Magazine.

Marketing/proofing/social media/writer - Kirsty Gorman 

A eclectically vital member of the team, contributes in more ways than we need to express. Operates social media, promotion, and chips in with the odd article for good measure. And appointed herself proofreader whether we wanted her to or not.

Contributer - Scott Kavanagh

Another season ticket holder, Scott wasn't around for the glory days of decades past, but he knew the recent era wasn't good enough and never stopped demanding the best. Can be seen on match days capturing the sights and sounds of the Famous.


All articles containing speculation, conjecture or rumours are packaged as such, and it is up to the reader how they wish to take them. We consider our readership intelligent enough to ascertain the difference between stated fact, and conjecture. Ibroxnoise.co.uk has never published anything it knew to be false.