The truth behind Rangers’ Igamane as we look at his numbers

The truth behind Rangers’ Igamane as we look at his numbers
New Rangers signing Hamza Igamane?

With it seeming inevitable now that Rangers will sign Morocco’s Hamza Igamane, we noted the Rangers Review speaking to some punters from a Moroccan football Twitter account, seeking a scouting report for Rangers’ apparent new recruit.

One sentence that caught our eye was:

“He’s excellent at dribbling, with a 64% success rate in the Moroccan league this season.”

64% seemed a little underwhelming, if we’re honest, so we dug deeper.

Igamane is 196th in the Moroccan Botola Pro of 300 players with 10 appearances or more in dribbling prowess.

Sorry but that is not stunning, and doesn’t scream to us of a game-changer – but we can spin it a bit better by saying among his age group of below 22 he’s actually 8th of 15 in the Botola. And of those, only two have more than 36 dribbles, Igamane being one of them.

Rangers Review or ‘scouting reports’ trying to sell that number as outstanding is more than a speck misleading.

Goal conversion percentage? Just 12%, 91st in the league but 5th in U22s.

What are we saying?

Igamane is 100% about potential. At 21 he isn’t the finished article yet, and Rangers are taking quite the gamble that the promising signs he shows at his age are going to materialise into tangible quality in a year or two.

Worryingly however Igamane ranks 3rd in the whole league for missed shots, so for the fans hoping he’s already more clinical than Cyriel Dessers, sadly, for now, he isn’t.

He is, however, 13th for shots on target with 20.

There basically bits and pieces which show potential, but little to show a finished product ready for the rigours of the SPL and the demands of Rangers.

Rangers are spending £2.5M on something of a risk, just like we did last summer with Sam Lammers.

While Lammers’ best was behind him, and he was an obvious fail, Igamane is more of an unknown quantity.

Hopefully he vindicates Rangers’ faith in him.

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