Seven players linked as Rangers close in on UCL qualifiers

Seven players linked as Rangers close in on UCL qualifiers
New signing Clinton Nsiala and manager Philippe Clement (Credit Rangers FC)

Hamza Igamane, Yusuf Kabadayi, Reuell Walters, Kenny McLean, Relebohile Mofokeng, Couhaib Driouech and Albion Rrahmani are among the names currently swirling around Ibrox with three or four of them allegedly being close, but we’re seeing no major movement at all and it’s safe to say it’s all gone quiet on Rangers’ transfer front after a brief flurry of activity which saw Jefte, Nsiala, Kelly and Barron arrive in Govan.

It’s pretty secure indeed to say that aside the ex-Aberdeen midfielder, there’s been nothing overly inspiring in Rangers’ window thus far, and while various different ITKs claim this and that about our transfer dealing, Ibrox Noise will never spin the kind of piffle some are just for attention.

The fact is no one has a clue who’s coming to the club this summer now, with a combination of it being kept in-house plus a lack of tangible progress clearly a problem.

Preseason is underway and it’s hard to assess the current state of the squad – there are four new signings, two (or three) injury returns, and 7 departures – so the group does seem a little different.

But the big difference is getting in some more quality players, because with preseason now underway this is the time to bring newbies in and get them settled.

The longer we leave this stuff, the more difficult their transition becomes later in the window and as we hurtle now perilously towards the Champions League qualifiers (the draw is in three weeks) time is running out to upgrade the squad in time for a huge, huge spike in opposition.

Rangers will face Fenerbahce, USG, Twente or Kyiv, quality sides who will give no quarter, and with Rangers currently nowhere near ready for such a fixture, we really hope work is done quickly to rectify that and get new bodies in.

It’s all a bit slow for now.

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