Rangers ‘close’ to announcing £2.5M Hamza Igamane

Rangers ‘close’ to announcing £2.5M Hamza Igamane
Hamza Igamane

Coming from TeamTalk and legendary fantasist Fraser “Gillan” Fletcher, we’re not quite sure on Ibrox Noise how seriously we can take their ‘exclusive’ over supposed new signing Hamza Igamane, with the ‘former BBC reporter’ claiming VISA/permit issues were holding up the Moroccan striker’s move to Rangers, and that apparently that has been resolved now.

What we can take more seriously is Igamane’s social media content where he’s been saying goodbye to his current team mates, hinting that there is a move in the offing:

“My success comes only through Allah. In Him I trust and to Him I turn.
After an incredible journey with ASFAR, which has shaped me into who I am today, it’s time to bid farewell and embark a new challenge. I’ve had the honour of achieving two titles with the club I deeply love. I’m forever grateful to the committee represented by President Mohamed Haramou and Vice President Al-Ayoubi, to all the Askaries, teammates, coaches, staffs, and everyone who has influenced my career in any way. The leader will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything.”

So that pretty much seals it, that the hitman is leaving AS FAR and in theory we suppose he’s joining Rangers?

This saga has gone on for some time, and whether it was work permit or visa issues which caused the delay, it may now be closing in at last.

We don’t trust Gillan exactly, but if the player himself is now saying his goodbyes to his current club, that confirms he is leaving.

Destination Ibrox?

Well the other evidence of course is transfermarkt who have announced him as a Rangers player, doing so some while ago in fact – the respected Dutch stats site is a wealth of accurate data and if they have reason to register him as a Rangers signing, he probably is one.

Announcement imminent?

It appears so.

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