Football site under fire for ‘mocking’ Ibrox Disaster

Football site under fire for ‘mocking’ Ibrox Disaster
Ibrox Stadium in a state...

A Scottish football news site is under gigantic fire after seemingly mocking the Ibrox Disaster with a diabolical post on its social media networks.

Football Scotland, who since edited and apologised for the shock headline, made the horrendous decision to label Rangers’ Ibrox shambles over Copland as a ‘disaster’, which, of course, is in dreadful taste and is language always avoided given the loss of life that has occurred at Ibrox in the past through tragic accidents, labelled ‘disasters’.

The original post said ‘An Ibrox disaster’, before being edited soon after to ‘not a good look before the new season’.

Then the apology was added:

‘Football Scotland acknowledges a post that was made on our Facebook page tonight. We apologise for the terribly poor choice of words that were used’.

From what we gather, reaction to the original post was outrage from all sections of Scottish football regardless of team supported, before the site changed the wording and then apologised.

Some fans were not buying the apology – and we’re not sure we disagree.

Whoever made that post, as someone who works for Football Scotland and therefore within Scottish football, they would surely know only too well the connotations of such a phrase around Rangers, and this really was a very, very bad moment that even their paymasters distanced themselves from and wouldn’t quote what the apology was for.

Did someone really mock the Ibrox Disaster? Was this deliberate?

You’d have to be very insular to work in Scottish football and the media within not to know and for it to have been an innocent error.

All we can say is we really hope it was just that and no more.

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