Celtic site wheels out ex-Dons chief to attack Rangers

Celtic site wheels out ex-Dons chief to attack Rangers
Somchai Suttikulpanich, deputy senior manager of the Thai Beverage Marketing (L) answers a question next to Everton FC Chief Excutive Officer, Keith Wyness (R) during a press conference for a sponsorship deal in Bangkok, 17 January 2008. Footballers with Premier League club Everton will sport Thailand's Chang Beer logo on their shirts for three more years after the pair signed a 15.6 million dollar sponsorship deal. AFP PHOTO/Pornchai KITTIWONGSAKUL (Photo credit should read PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKUL/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers fans are today absolutely bewildered as to why ex-Aberdeen chief executive Keith Wyness has been wheeled out to slag off the Ibrox chaos while also offering a £30M price tag for Connor Goldson.

The former Dons chief amusingly found himself rolled out by some tiny timmy YouTube channel recently to doom monger about the mess at Ibrox, a site which claimed the man built the Hydro, which is more than a speck misleading.

As a non-executive director at the time of the SECC, he was part of the consultation during its construction, but he had no power whatsoever and certainly didn’t build the thing. So his knowledge of the engineering and building trade should certainly be taken with a pinch of salt.

As for Goldson?

“I think Birmingham seems to be the favourite and certainly that’s what I’m hearing that most interest is at the moment for Goldson. I really don’t know a valuation but I don’t see him being much more than £25-30million. I know that Steven Gerrard would love him to be at Al-Ettifaq but again, that’s the sort of money I see for Goldson. I don’t see that as a market that being a market that I think Birmingham in League One… may be prepared to pay that. They’ve got big room for some money to be spent there. They are going to have a decent budget for League One, probably more than most clubs in the Championship. I think that’s where he may end up and I think he’d do very well to go on the ride with Birmingham to get promoted and go on from there. I think that’s where he’s going to go.”

“I don’t see him as much more than £30M.”

From what we understand, Rangers supporters are in meltdown of laughter at this rot, where clearly some old duffer whose better years in football are some distance behind him and somehow anti-Rangers channels are randomly wheeling him out to talk about our club.

Either in negative tense or in absurd one.

Either way, we will admit, we’d rip both your arms off for £30M for Connor Goldson…

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