A January return to Ibrox for Rangers? Reconstruction debacle rumbles on

A January return to Ibrox for Rangers? Reconstruction debacle rumbles on
Ibrox Stadium in a state...

Rangers’ stadium fiasco reached new heights after it started to emerge that the chances of Rangers playing at Ibrox again this calendar year are aggressively diminishing, with varying predictions about a possible return date extending from September all the way up to January.

From what we understand some of the wandering steel which has made this whole thing so delayed has arrived, but not all, and while some work has now tentatively got underway, the whole job is a long, long way off completion.

Some outlets today are claiming October, others more privately are suggesting it could be further away than that.

It is all guesswork at this point because the situation is chronically unprecedented.

Never before has a UK football club ordered massive construction materials but cheaped out by going with an Asian source and ended up being ‘homeless’ because the stuff they ordered got lost in the post.

Therefore, there is no precedent for this, or any accurate ITK prediction about timescale.

All we know is it will be finished when it is finished, and we will have no sight of Ibrox until then.

We have some materials there, but a real lack of full-scale work taking place, and the bulk of workers are waiting around for something to do.

We are deep into July, and we do know Ibrox will not be available in August – and that’s where the knowledge pretty much ends.

September? December?

Even experts are just guessing at this point.

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