Rangers simply cannot sign garbage in this window

Rangers simply cannot sign garbage in this window
This the main man charged at the head of recruitment...

Is this to be a window of Rangers spending silly amounts on x player the fans have never heard of, only for the tribalistics to yell ‘trust in the manager’ and justify the player in question endlessly despite never having heard of him and relying on YouTube videos?

In the last window we got 3 unknowns – Silva, Diomande and Cortes. Silva was a gigantic fail, Dio is ‘unrated’, and Cortes was looking fantastic till injury. All were ‘loans’.

Prior window saw just one player we actually knew, in Jack Butland, by far the best addition, who was a free, along with absolute dross like Kieran Dowell, Danilo, Sam Lammers, Jose Cifuentes, and absolutely no defenders aside Dujon Sterling, a risk of a player.

In short terms, we spent £20M and the season was ultimately a dismal fail, unless you count the Celtic-avoided League Cup trophy.

In short terms we can’t be *rsed with signing yet more utter unknowns at £6M who don’t take us anywhere.

Every window the raging Ranjurs fans, who consider themselves better than the mortals, will defend ‘Dzante Zuta’ because he’s clearly a fantastic player we spent £6M on and the scouts can be trusted because they found him in the Bulgarian C division. They did a brilliant job finding this gem.

Then he either gets injured or turns out to be predictably p*sh.

We really do not want another window of garbage.

One only had to look at Cortes’ CV to know he was serious – excellent stats in Ligue 1, and only surplus because they didn’t play with wingers.

And that’s what we want. We want to either know the player clearly off the bat aka Butland, or see one look at the CV and know this is a top player.

Ben Johnson (article on him tomorrow) is in that calibre, maybe not a household name to everyone but a top talent who would be fantastic as a Tavernier replacement when one looks at the quality of his career.

Same with Traore – a fine winger who has excelled in the Champions League. That’s the sh*t Rangers need, not Bugbat Dreite, someone no one knows, whose CV is average, and we’re just being ‘persuaded’ by the BIG BAD RANJURS that he’s great.

That’s the category of Jefte, a mediocre LB from Brazil who did average in Cyprus. He’s replacing Borna?!

We’re having to trust the scouts after the past few years?


We’re sitting here with 3 trophies in 13 years, there’s no trust earned here at all, no precedent of success at the level of Rangers.

So if you sign p*sh for our club, Ibrox Noise will call it out, even if THE BIG BAD RANJURS won’t and will tell us we’re t*igs for daring to question the scouting or Big Phil.

Guess we’re happy if they get to 56 first.

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