Rangers’ legend Allan McGregor finally ‘announces’ retirement

Rangers’ legend Allan McGregor finally ‘announces’ retirement
Ex-Rangers legend Allan McGregor...

Rangers legend Allan McGregor has finally, after a year, at long last addressed the ‘retirement’ announcement by confirming, in his own unique way, that, yes, he basically is retired.

The Ibrox hero was taking part in a golf podcast with Jimmy Bullard and Tubes, when they finally asked him if he was definitively retired, and in that inimitable style, he cleared it up.

Sort of.

“Well, pretty much, aye, I’ve not played for however many months… I didn’t think there was a need to (announce retirement) I just keep myself to myself.”

Anyone who knows McGregor will be aware of his sharp wit, his intelligence, and the fact the monosyllabic and slightly ‘dim’ figure he always cut in interviews was very much a façade.

But his humility here really does grab us as the dignity of a Rangers legend.

This is no disrespect to the fanfare Steven Davis got, he was clearly happy to announce his retirement and handle his exit from playing days in a different way, but McGregor evidently didn’t want any fuss and just didn’t bother to make it official.

But yes, in case anyone hadn’t quite guessed yet, McGregor did indeed retire last summer but without any confetti or celebration.

He was always a very modest individual, and didn’t need a whole regalia of praise.

He was quite happy to just retire quietly, albeit with one eye on potentially interesting offers from any other clubs on a slim chance of continuing to play.

In reality, his immediate future is just ‘enjoying’ himself:

“If the question got asked. Coaching? I feel like I want to want to do it rather than people say ‘you’ve got the experience, you should do it’. That time might come soon but I am just enjoying myself.”

In short, he’s chilling out in life now, and if any offer arrives, he’ll consider it, but it has to be something he genuinely wants to do.

And we’re honestly not sure McGregor would ever want to coach or even be a particularly good one.

Let him just enjoy his retirement.

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