Rangers go radio silent on Igamane and Kabadayi

Rangers go radio silent on Igamane and Kabadayi
Hamza Igamane

As we head into the heart of Thursday, following all the ITK promises that striker Hamza Igamane would be announced by Wednesday, and Ibrox Noise ourselves having got our projection of last weekend spectacularly wrong, we do wonder what exactly has happened with the Moroccan striker and indeed German winger Yusuf Kabadayi.

From what we’d been told, and indeed what AS Far Rabat (Igamane’s current team) allegedly said, the hitman was very much a Rangers player, and it was a five-year deal – it would be announced at the weekend.

Then the ITK claimed it would be by Wednesday, and that he and Kabadayi indeed would be in training as well.

None of these things have happened yet, and we’re nearly at July at this point.

What’s the holdup? Your guess is as good as ours by now.

Is it possible in fact that Rangers aren’t actually in for either of them? Or that both deals have fallen through?

Obviously we’re heavily speculating because even our sources don’t have an answer for this one, and we’re not going to make stuff up like some clickbaits sites like to.

All we know is the last announcements were Connor Barron and the extension for Robbie Fraser, and it’s gone silent since then.

In truth, the transfer window has been underwhelming – ex-Aberdeen man Barron aside, it’s hard to be impressed by Jefte or Nsalia, and we do hope it picks up soon.

But even if Igamane and Kabadayi do get announced soon, we can’t say a Moroccan League Two-level striker and a lad who has never played a senior top flight match in his life really do a lot to boost our optimism.

We probably sound grumpy, we feel like we’re just being honest and refusing to pull any wool over anyone’s eyes.

Just not the Ibrox Noise way.

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