Rangers finally get serious with Connor Barron signing

Rangers finally get serious with Connor Barron signing
Rangers' new signing Connor Barron poses with the scarf (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers today confirmed what we already knew, that now-former Aberdeen midfielder Connor Barron has signed on at Ibrox, and is now a completely fully-fledged Rangers player.

The 21-year-old has been a target for a fair while, and it’s safe to say his addition probably completes midfield completely, which is a big deal.

Barron, a central and defensive midfielder, is a developing player, but he’s very much in the mould of a Kevin Thomson (gritty defensive power), with a speck of Barry Ferguson (breaking into the box from deep) and a smattering of a young Steven Gerrard (energy).

There’s a reason Rangers really wanted this lad, and it’s not just the Scottish quota although this helps a great deal with that.

No, he’s a real talent, and he now adds to Mohamed Diomande, Nicolas Raskin, and hopefully Dujon Sterling in Rangers’ engine room.

Manager Philippe Clement is clearly going for young and powerful, with massive potential, and Barron is very much this.

If Sterling is being earmarked for a slot in midfield then that really is that area covered now – four central/defensive mids is quite enough, and we saw enough from Raskin over the final two matches to be a lot more impressed by his application. No denying the boy has the talent.

Sterling sure does, and Diomande was impressive in the cup especially.

So, it’s some rare good news from Rangers, a genuinely good signing, one which is a massive cut above your Jeftes and your Nsialas, quite honestly.


Well Celtic wanted this lad, their media covered him heavily a year or two ago, funnily enough the same media whose Rangers counterpart (Newsquest and Rangers Review) then did the same with Rangers only a day or two ago.

Simple reality is they wanted him, and Rangers got him.

It’s a good signing, and the bonus factor is how ragin’ Dons fans are over this.

It’s a much better addition than Scott Wright, by a mile.

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