Rangers’ Copland Stand farce could cost club up to £6M+

Rangers’ Copland Stand farce could cost club up to £6M+
Chairman John Bennett at Edmiston House for 2023 AGM.

We’ve not fully dug into the chaos of Rangers’ Copland Stand farce, whereby an unnamed senior Rangers chief was fired over the cantilever shambles which has basically left Rangers without a safe stadium to use for the best part of maybe three months.

Or more.

Long story short, chairman John Bennett sought assurances from this individual that the materials for the reconstruction (designed to make life much easier for disabled supporters currently being buffeted by the elements with no protection) would be here by xxx date.

And that didn’t happen.

The individual in question appears to have used an Asia-based supplier, at lower cost, and has been let down by them, rendering Ibrox currently unsafe and unfinished.

This simply means Rangers cannot use Ibrox until the work is complete, and this further means paying the SFA up to £1M per match for Hampden, or likely a similar fee to Murrayfield and Scottish Rugby.

In short, Rangers’ summer transfer plans may have been thrown out of the window because each ‘home’ match is going to cost a completely-unplanned £1M, give or take, and that’s a fair chunk of millions for however many matches Rangers need Murrayfield or Hampden for.

It’s guesswork as to how many matches Rangers will need another venue for, but it will have to be worst-case scenario and Rangers could be looking at a completely wasted cost of about £3M-£6M for renting out a Hampden or Murrayfield.

It really is a farce, and a senior Rangers chief has paid for it with their job, because they cheaped out and tried to get the materials at low cost, without being able to guarantee any reliability on either the quality or the shipping time.

It’s very poor to say the least, and it means Rangers start the new season away from home, no matter where they play.

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  1. We really have become a laughing stock. Its totally embarrising. Whos going to want to come to a club thats ran like this. Future managers and players..

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