Rangers’ Big Phil was wrong about Borna and Lunny

Rangers’ Big Phil was wrong about Borna and Lunny
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 11: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, looks on prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park Stadium on May 11, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We know this article will rile the ‘give him a chance ffs’ brigade, and the ‘you hate our manager you’re a disgrace’ army, and the ‘who wrote this, a tim?’ shower but in reality, Rangers boss Philippe Clement was a massive part of Rangers’ collapse the past three months, and we’re not letting him off the hook.

Sorry, we’re not.

Not until/unless he proves he’s the right guy, which, frankly, the last 12+ weeks demonstrate anything but, and we can’t say Jefte makes us feel better about things.

But the issue we have in this context is two comments Clement made in recent weeks, one of which we knew was literally a lie as he said it, and the other which has made him look a bit silly.

Example one was his comment on John Lundstram a couple of months ago.

That comment was that he was 100% sure Lunny would sign:

“Yes I’m totally confident about that, that there’s a lot of love from both sides, so there will be a solution (in) one moment.”

Wrong. We trusted him on that because he managed to persuade Ross McCausland to sign, and boldly stated the winger would sign, but the second time he made the same bold statement, about Lunny, it was egg on his face.

Second statement?

That Borna was ‘hungry’ to stay with Rangers and win titles:

“There have been reports for months about a lot of players and a lot of things. As long as nothing is official and I see the right things in the training and the dressing room, players are selectable. Borna will be in the selection from what I have seen until now. If he steps into the building tomorrow with another mindset that is something else. I don’t believe so. I see somebody who is serving this club already a long time and is really hungry for more titles and more trophies.”

Wrong. Literal b*ll*cks and only the tribal support brigade who will back Rangers’ manager (whether it’s Clement or anyone else) even if he says ‘up the ra’ and wore green and white hoops would endorse it.

It was patently false at the time, and we called it a ‘Pedroism’ – which is a completely delusional comment up there with barking at caravans.

See, if he’d toned it down with ‘I see someone who is professional and will remain so’ that would be fine, but the fact the most (in the end) spineless player at Rangers who desperately wanted to leave was being called ‘hungry’ and ‘title-seeking’ was actually painful for those with eyes wide open to see/hear.

Clement’s performances in the media, starting out as apparently ‘straight shooting’ and ‘honest’ turned into Beale by the end, we are not afraid to say that.

We are Rangers supporters, even if our honesty gets accused of being ‘timmies’ at times – we’re big and ugly boys and girls on here, we couldn’t care less at the labels some throw at us.

We also will not tolerate wool being pulled over our eyes and the Borna one was absolutely barking.

Now, none of this matters if Big Phil goes on to storm over the tramps and take 56 next season.

We’ll retract all of it and kowtow to his genius. We utterly want and need to be wrong. To look (especially) stupid.

But the stuff he’s done since March doesn’t bode promisingly, and signing Jefte doesn’t fill us with much confidence either.

Just make us look silly Phil.

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