Proper Rangers fans are tired of being second best

Proper Rangers fans are tired of being second best
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Rangers fans look on during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium on September 1, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise is well aware a recent piece published ruffled a lot of Rangers fans’ feathers, and stirred the hive significantly, and our response? Boo hoo, because the truth hurts, and not a soul associated with the site or page disagreed with the content.

Now, we don’t expect everyone on earth to agree with everything we say – opinions are like that, everyone’s got one but you don’t want yours in the newspaper.

Only, Ibrox Noise is an outlet, a newspaper of sorts, a media ‘group’ if you like, and we will never be silenced by any angry Rangers fans (or anyone else) who disagree and slaughter us because of our views.

And those views are carefully thought through, even if they’re sometimes emotionally-delivered. Welcome to football, and being a Rangers fan.

And it’s on that note that we really do wonder why Rangers have been so staggeringly incompetent domestically since 2011 that has led to the worst and most embarrassing barren spell in our history.

In 13 years, 3 trophies.

Never in Rangers’ history has our club won so little, never has it been so second-best to Celtic.

Not even when that lot had their original 9IAR, and Rangers were absolutely nowhere, were our club this poor.

We have been so abysmally run and managed since the Great Walter passed the baton onto Ally McCoist, and in fairness even his promising season only derailed once Steven Naismith was injured.

Since then, Scottish football has been absurdly dominated by a pretty guff Celtic.

Yes, let’s be clear; Celtic are absolutely honking. In 67 they won the European Cup. In 2003 they got to Seville. This Celtic? In the last 13 years? Their biggest achievement in Europe was being dumped out of it a record 3 times, only managing to get back in via a technicality. They are an abysmal team in Europe, and not much better domestically.

Rangers, on the other hand, have been absolutely magical in Europe, somehow Steven Gerrard gave us the Midas Touch at that level, and Gio took it further, with even Mick Beale and now Clement actually doing solidly in the Europa League, if we ignore Big Phil’s suicidal tactics v Benfica at Ibrox.

But on the domestic front, our constantly-rubbishness is utterly tiring, and it’s the same old rot every season.

To win 3 trophies including just one title since Walter’s day is diabolical – it’s just not Rangers level, and is more like Hearts, Aberdeen.

These teams have won League Cups and even Scottish Cups – that’s not good enough for our club.

Winning the League Cup is not good enough consolation for letting Timothy one title away from equalising our 55.

That is howling.

Of course, we know we were reset in 2012 – but the excuses of that stuff stopped definitively in 2021 when we won 55, having spent £35M over Gerrard’s era.

But since then it’s been hopeless.

Constant bad management, a revolving door of bosses, regularly-poor players coming in, a constantly-changing board.

Any Rangers fan denying this is true is literally deluded.

We all know it’s fact.

We’re at the start of another summer window, ‘praying that this is the one where we get it right’ but is there evidence the club is better run now, that we will suddenly stop making all the mistakes of previous years?

Probably not.

Every season we say this same stuff on Ibrox Noise, that ‘we want to be wrong, we want to look silly’ but every season that lot win the title and we’re left second-best again.

13 years of this.

Young kids have become mature adults in the time Rangers have been in this limbo.

All we can ever do is follow, support, and just pray the club gets it right THIS time…

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