Philippe Clement is signing a bunch of kids for Rangers

Philippe Clement is signing a bunch of kids for Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 11: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, arrives at the stadium prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park Stadium on May 11, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Relebohile Mofokeng, 19, Damian Garcia, 20, Yusuf Kabadayi, 20.

These are three of the players Rangers are being strongly linked with, one from a South African club, one from a South American club, one from Germany.

None of them scream at us as game-changers, of the quality we require, but all of them, coupled with Jefte, 20, and Oscar Cortes, 20, are the same model this manager is clearly going with.

Ibrox boss Philippe Clement was clear – he wants inexpensive young players he can remodel into assets and sell at a profit.

This is a massive risk and reward strategy, and while he was utterly correct that the ‘previous’ trading model was a shambles and cost Rangers millions in lost players, going the other way to the extreme and hiring a lot of youngsters is a very bold move.

Sir Alex ‘can’t win anything with kids’ and of course created a legendary Manchester United with a class of 93 despite that Alan Hansen criticism with the Giggs, Beckhams, Scholes, Butts etc.

But this doesn’t happen very often, that a team of kids just happens to contain incredible players, and an incredible manager who turns many of them into world class superstars and one of the great club teams of the modern generation.

And Clement is going with a massive and bold strategy, at this point of adding a literal bunch of non-entities from other clubs in far-flung parts of the world and hoping he can turn them into champions.

Do we think these guys are good enough?

Nope, we don’t – but it’s Clement’s head on the block if Jefte and the likes of Garcia don’t settle, don’t live up to what he needs. His head, not ours.

We’re never going to lie to our readers – we will offer the facts, and very often our opinion of those facts – you are free to have a different view.

And if you feel all these kids coming in will turn Rangers into champions you’re entitled to feel that.

We don’t.

This isn’t the class of 93, this is a different world in which Celtic are miles ahead of us both financially and football-wise, and signing a glut of teens and early 20s is a very risky way forward.

Rangers need assured quality as well, not just projects, and Mark Warburton found that out to his cost.

Time will tell if this is a gamble which pays off for the club and the fans, or if we’re languishing next season again.

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