Lots of talk that Tav & Goldson are leaving Rangers

Lots of talk that Tav & Goldson are leaving Rangers
Rangers' English defender Connor Goldson (R) speaks with Rangers' English defender James Tavernier (L) during the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

We have to say there is a LOT of buzz now around both James Tavernier and Connor Goldson, and their positions at Rangers.

Tavernier’s absence from the away jersey promotional material was absolutely massive – some have dismissed that as ‘he’s on holiday’ but as far as we know, he isn’t. And even if he is, curious that the ‘vacation’ coincided with a long-booked Castore shirt promotion…

The point is there’s a tonne of buzz about his position – more so than ever before, and manager Philippe Clement’s comments about a new cycle do seem to point at the changing of the guard at Rangers.

It simply isn’t healthy to have had one man as the RB (and not a particularly good one) for almost 10 years, and to have lost a potentially-world class protégé in young Nathan Patterson to preserve Tavernier’s position.

Sure, it made us money, but we really could have used Patterson’s more rigid defensive qualities, and it’s a tragic shame that his time in the Premier League with Everton has been ravage by injury.

But Tavernier? His time as captain is up – the majority of fans are happy to see him move on, especially at a good price, because we simply need a new face – Tav as captain never worked, he won F-all, and sorry, but as captains go, he’s been probably the least successful one since Derek Johnstone and John McClelland, and that was forever ago.

Connor Goldson is a lot less divisive than Tav – almost no one seems to rate the ex-Brighton stopper (any more), who really has been a pile of rot for Rangers, with two exceptions:

He was top in the Europa League for clearances and interceptions during the run to Sevilla, only to eff that one up in the final, plus he also did have a strong 55, when he had no crowds to pressure him.

Aside that, he’s been a mediocre defender and we can’t say he was value for £3M given what he ended up costing us on the pitch.

He’s also been abysmally out of form (if he was ever in much of it) the past 12 months and his ‘dropping’ was 12 months too late before the mysterious injury.

In short, Rangers desperately need a refresh – they need to move on from these two, because these two have epitomised the most success-starved period in Rangers’ history.

Just one title since 2011 is an absolutely historically-unprecedented disgrace, and while that’s not all their fault, they’ve come to symbolise a rotten Rangers that just can’t win anything.

3 trophies under Tavernier as captain and Goldson as vice in 6 years is literally shambolic.

If we go from 2018- onwards, 18 trophy chances (6 including Europe), and we only won 3 of them.

Abysmal. Diabolical.

For any major top club in any league that is expected to win things, that is so below acceptable it’s not funny.

It isn’t crucially all Tav and Goldson’s fault, but their being there consistently through this whole barren wasteland of silverware isn’t completely a coincidence.

They need to move on, and hopefully this summer is the one that sees that.

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