Jose Mourinho nips ahead of Rangers for winger target

Jose Mourinho nips ahead of Rangers for winger target
OLIVA, SPAIN - MARCH 22: Yusuf Kabadayi of Germany U20 in action during the international friendly football match between Germany U20 and France U20 at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort on March 22, 2024 in Oliva, Spain. (Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images for DFB)

Rangers’ pursuit of Bayern Munich winger Yusuf Kabadayi seems to be done after Turkish side Fenerbahce led by new manager Jose Mourinho sought his services to replace the out-of-favour Ryan Kent.

The £800,000 winger, as priced by the Bavarian giants, has been a notable Rangers’ target for some weeks now, albeit as Ibrox Noise reported, it was a distinctly underwhelming one given he’s never played a single senior match in any top flight of world football.

The price of around £800,000 seemed to reflect how modest he was, and while Rangers were interested, we weren’t so sure on the wisdom of that.

However, the same accusation could be levied at Mourinho after Fenerbahce made ‘concrete’ contact with the Turkish outfit to ‘steal a march’ on Rangers and advance negotiations.

A Turkish source stated this deal will be accelerated after the holidays, and for that Ibrox Noise is extremely grateful. He’s one we don’t consider ‘up to it’ for Rangers.

As for Kent, Mourinho isn’t interested, he’s already said that, and the English winger will have to find a new club this summer, not that he was exactly in favour last season.

And Kabadayi would be his natural replacement in Istanbul if it comes to pass.

But it does seem like Rangers’ interest in the German-born winger may have disappeared now.

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