Fabio Silva slams Rangers fans as abusive and won’t be back

Fabio Silva slams Rangers fans as abusive and won’t be back
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 05: Fabio Silva of Rangers celebrates after he scores his team's opening goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Kilmarnock at Ibrox Stadium on May 05, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The big story this morning is of course what ex-Rangers striker Fabio Silva said on Thursday night, in what actually turned out to be a valuable quote from the youngster.

Now, let us be clear – he was shockingly poor for us, diving, behaving like a brat, and not producing much if any good football.

However, he didn’t disgrace the club, per se – embarrassed himself, yes, but he didn’t do anything to bring disrepute to Rangers, and it wasn’t until his frustrated gesture at fans that he ever did anything to antagonise the support.

But his quotes show us just how horrible, yes, horrible, our club is right now, and how it’s gone from fans, to players, to manager.

In short, without quoting everything, he expressed how badly abused he was on social media, that he’s a young man in a new country trying his best and when he had a bad match or makes a mistake, fans immediately abused him, sending insults, smearing him, and belittling to good measure.

Ibrox Noise wasn’t happy with his gesture at the fans, we still aren’t – it was poor, and very immature – it antagonised a situation that was already volatile as it was, and was a reactionary moment of emotion that would have been better served not happening. Ridiculously he did it again, then Todd Cantwell followed suit.

But it’s not being helped by the fans being as horrible as they are being right now.

We make no bones about it – the fanbase is vile at present, and is anything but a Rangers Family as things stand.

We are abusing each other, the players, the manager, and while you’ll get some fans dismissing criticism with ‘support the team ffs’ they too will then hurl abuse at a player when he does something wrong as well.

Silva ain’t wrong – he is not wrong to call it out, and his words in the end were extremely mature and correct. He wished us the very best, but wouldn’t come back if you paid him.

Of course, we wouldn’t want him back, he was very, very poor for us and it’s clear why he’s surplus at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

But none of that justifies going into his social media accounts and leaving abuse for him to read.

None of it.

And yet we as a fanbase keep doing it.

The best thing Silva did during his time here was calling this out – if he’s only remembered as a player who wasn’t afraid to raise this topic, then we’d say his loan spell was actually worth something in the end.

It is a big part of Rangers right now, and new players aren’t going to be attracted to such a toxic fanbase as we currently are.

It needs to change.

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