A sad end to Rangers’ Best on Earth John Lundstram

A sad end to Rangers’ Best on Earth John Lundstram
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 14: John Lundstram of Rangers is seen at full time during the UEFA Europa League Quarter Final Leg Two match between Rangers FC and Sporting Braga at Ibrox Stadium on April 14, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So John Lundstram is gone. Yes, we’re well aware four others left Rangers yesterday as well, as well as Leon Balogun’s wonderfully-welcome new deal, but Lundstram’s exit is a real exercise in how fickle a support can be.

Ibrox Noise polled Rangers fans over and over again this season – the answer was unequivocal on Lunny – ‘pay him what he wants’.

The lion share response from our supporters about the Best on Earth in at least 80%+ of cases of thousands and thousands of fans (20,000+) was always to give the boy the new deal and stop messing around.

But as time wore on, and it became more and more apparent that no new deal was agreed, that the two sides were struggling to come to terms with each other, and that he was looking more and more likely to move, the mood absolutely changed.

He was no longer the best on earth, and was now a c*nt.

Simple as that – Rangers fans turned on the boy borderline overnight, having loved him as one of our own since early 2022 when former manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst started using him properly in midfield.

This guy was a cult icon, a hero, fans adored him, many wanted him to be captain, and in crucial tones, he loved us too.

But suddenly, with a dip in form and failure to agree a new deal, he became hated. Yup, hated – it was now ‘sign or f*ck off’, and the support for him reduced to next-to-nothing.

All because an aging footballer wanted a bit of security on his deal and a better wage, something Rangers refused to give him.

John Lundstram did absolutely nothing wrong, other than being undervalued by the club for the job he was doing. Yes, he didn’t excel in Old Firms, we admit he fell short there.

But he was overall great from the moment Clement came in till late March when the contract stuff sadly took over, and tragically he’ll only be remembered for that horrific trip to Parkhead.

By that point the relationship was in tatters, between the club and him, and especially fans about him.

But of course, amusingly, what happened the moment he left? In an Ibrox Noise poll, he was joint with ‘no one’ as the choice of ‘which player would you have kept’.

Yes, as soon as he’s gone, some fans now want him back – we’ll have more on that poll in due course.

We at Ibrox Noise nevertheless wish Lunny the best – the club could or would not give him what he wanted, and he’d have loved to have stayed, but with the way our supporters are treating the club these days, like James Bisgrove we completely understand why he is probably quite happy to be out now.

He is still one of our own, even if a lot of fans couldn’t have slammed the door behind him fast enough in the end.

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