When did second best become good enough for Rangers?

When did second best become good enough for Rangers?
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - APRIL 28: Rangers manager Philippe Clement is seen prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between St. Mirren FC and Rangers FC at The Simple Digital Arena on April 28, 2024 in Paisley, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images) (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Regardless of moles or otherwise, Rangers absolutely choked season 2024/25.

Having done all the hard work to turn around a 7-point deficit into a 2-point lead, Philippe Clement and his players absolutely crashed on the ball, 100% letting slip a title that was completely under our control.

This is the worst title loss in Rangers’ history, simple as that.


Because we’d done everything it took to make 56 ours this season, only to utterly flunk it when push came to shove.

It’s not just on Clement, although he’s a giant part of the problem, it is hugely on the players as well, and this for Ibrox Noise is close to a reverse Helicopter Sunday when the title was in Celtic’s hands only for them to choke it on the last day and gift it to Rangers.

Well we’ve done it back now, throwing away a 2-point lead we worked 5 months to gain, by way of horrible management and terrible player performances in the last 2 months.

We’ve on record as saying we’re done with Philippe Clement, he’s not the right guy to take us forward. We don’t sway from this. He’s just not got it, sorry.

But boy did the squad let us down badly too – they lacked the workrate, they lacked the belief, they lacked the cohesion, and they simply lacked the quality to sustain that 2 point gap.

See, it’s not just about overturning it, it’s about sustaining it – it’s one thing to be champion, another to win it again.

One thing to take the lead, another to hold onto it.

Rangers absolutely flunked this, from management down to player.

Now, a lot of fans are coming out with the submissive garbage that ‘look where we came from, look what Phil inherited’.

Right, so that means it’s ok for Rangers to then take the lead under him only to choke it when it counts?

When did that become justifiable? We’re not sure when it became permissible to let a lead go.

The only time in the last 20+ years Rangers have led a lead slip in the title was under Ally, and pre-admin before it all went horribly wrong. 15 points and then the collapse.

Walter never let it happen. Stevie didn’t.

Eck didn’t, even Wee Dick didn’t.

But Clement has. He worked his way with the squad to a 2-point gap and now we’re about to lose the league title.

But that’s ok ‘because he’s the right man and you’re a tim if you think differently’.

Ibrox Noise actually received death threats for daring to call Clement out on Saturday.

You won’t silence us, we’re afraid to say. Just because you accept second best for our club doesn’t mean we will.

And second best is as good as we’ll ever get under Clement.

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