Square pegs in round holes has cost Rangers’ season

Square pegs in round holes has cost Rangers’ season
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - APRIL 28: Rangers manager Philippe Clement is seen prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between St. Mirren FC and Rangers FC at The Simple Digital Arena on April 28, 2024 in Paisley, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images) (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers fans waking up on their Sunday morning hoping Saturday afternoon was a bad dream sadly won’t be in the best of spirits, following yet another horrible Old Firm.

Ibrox Noise hasn’t changed our minds one bit – Philippe Clement isn’t the right man to take Rangers forward, clearly not understanding Rangers, not understanding the Old Firm, and not grasping the basics of football management in this city.

We do touch on what Graeme Souness said, and we do actually defend one comment he made. Despite the fact he was a bit fickle with his reasoning, Souness ended up making one point about his choice, Frank Lampard, which does make sense against Clement:

Clement has no clue about the West of Scotland friction, the Glasgow goldfish bowl.

While we don’t know that Lampard gets it so much better, Clement clearly doesn’t.

He says he does, talks about the rivalry, talks about rival fans giving him stick, spoke about he liked the passion – but it’s just that, talk.

Actions speak louder than words and he’s woefully mismanaged three Old Firm matches now, with just a single draw.

You can whine all you like about him not having a great squad or needing better players, and believe us, 90% of Rangers fans asked trust Clement implicitly and excuse his every failing by blaming the players ‘he inherited’, but it only takes basic football noodle to know Sterling is best in midfield, Lundstram shouldn’t have been playing, and Barisic needs a new club.

Nope, this guy keeps on playing the same players, making the same errors, and the same fans keep giving him the same free pass suggesting his hands are tied.

They’re not.

We know it’s not a brilliant Rangers, but Hearts aren’t half as good as our squad and they’ve beaten Celtic this season.

Clement just can’t.

But no, let’s just throw £25M at him, ‘let him sign his own players then judge’ as we finish second next season too.

Oh, and he has to get through the Champions League qualifiers as well.

Not a chance in hell.

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