Rangers to sign another left back? £1M Chilean linked…

Rangers to sign another left back? £1M Chilean linked…
Ecuador's Independiente del Valle Luis Segovia (L) and Chile's Union Espanola Thomas Galdames vie for the ball during their Copa Libertadores football tournament second round match at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium in Quito on March 16, 2021. (Photo by Cristina Vega RHOR / AFP) (Photo by CRISTINA VEGA RHOR/AFP via Getty Images)

As Ibrox Noise reported (in passing) earlier, Rangers are currently being linked with Thomas Ignacio Galdames Millán of Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (still with us?), a Chilean left back (25) without a cap to his name and a stunning market value of £1M.

We’re not sure why the press are linking this guy in ‘light’ of the collapse of the José Ángel Córdoba Chambers deal, because he was (and still is) a centre back, but there you go, we’re apparently interested in a left back from the third world of Chilean football.

Effectively a free transfer (because his deal expires this December and he’s been reported as a free agent now) it’s a really bizarre link, given we currently have two left backs, three if you count the exiting Borna Barišić, so we dunno why we’re randomly being connected with some nobody from South America, but there you go.

In terms of his basics, never played outside South America (currently in Argentina), never been called up, never been capped at any level.

He screams of Roberto Carlos all the way, right? Well, more Marcelo for the left back side of things.

He has 149 career appearances, 6 career assists, randomly 6 goals, and literally no reason why any club of Rangers’ ambitions would be interested in him.

This really would be the epitome of ‘untapped gem’ if Rangers sign this guy and he goes onto be Arthur Numan.

But why we even looking at another left back when we literally have three?

Answers on a postcard for that one.

It’s probably agent talk, because at this time of year players desperately want their big move, agents want their big cut, and they need to get their clients into the press to get attention on them, and alert other clubs to that players’ potential.

It’s all part of the ‘game’.

And we hope Rangers’ game going forward isn’t signing every South American unknown left back.

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