Rangers fans rage over Jose Cordoba’s defection to EFL

Rangers fans rage over Jose Cordoba’s defection to EFL
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Rangers fans look on during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium on September 1, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

There’s a lot of reaction this morning at Panama’s Jose Cordoba choosing Norwich and the Championship over Rangers, with much rage from fans sitting on his ‘lack of ambition’ and ‘choosing money’.

Well, half of this is correct.

The money issue is amusing – when Rangers fans seethe at other clubs having a bigger budget, whine at Rangers for not splashing out and paying the cash a quality player costs, they then seethe at the player for choosing the higher level of cash. Which is a speck of contradiction.

There is also the simple matter that all of us would choose more money given the choice, because money talks. Simple, sad as it is to say.

But there’s also the more serious issue – if Cordoba, an above average defender and very little more, chooses the Championship, what chance do Rangers have against other sides in decent leagues?

No one wants to come to Scotland unless the money is worth it, Rangers aren’t the draw we were when we had a wallet and Walter Smith or Dick Advocaat, we’re very much second-best in Scotland, nowhere near assured of a Champions League spot next season, and absolutely no players are interested in Europa League or Conference League.

It’s not a carrot.

There’s a reason our only signings this window are a kid from Brazil who’s completely unproven at a decent level, and the potential of Liam Kelly arriving. Thrilling.

Our budget is modest, we know this, but the harsh reality is even ‘lowly’ Championship clubs best us for league and financial muscle.

They can tempt new players with promotion and the Promised Land of the Premier League, Rangers’ best shot is with the Old Firm and European football.

And in truth, most players would rather have PL or a strong chance at it, rather than European football, unless it’s guaranteed Champions League, which ‘them lot’ have.

All of this can over overwritten by money, and Rangers don’t have a strong budget unlike top Championship clubs, and unlike ‘them lot’.

For all the abuse Cordoba is now getting, he had no reason to choose Rangers in our present form over a rich Championship side aiming for promotion.

This is our lot at the moment, and we’re going to be disappointed frequently in this window.

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