Rangers board forgets about Ibrox fans amid Dundee compensation

Rangers board forgets about Ibrox fans amid Dundee compensation
Called off again....

It’s not like we’ve forgotten the absolute uproar Rangers suffered over the two farcical and disgraceful Dundee postponements, and the club has now launched action to get compensation from the Dens Park side.

But for Ibrox Noise, this is short-sighted. The specific report alleges the club wants back the money spent on travel and board for both occasions but quite honestly, the club can afford it. It’s not a gigantic loss even if we’re all disgusted by Dundee’s behaviour.

But the fans, however, are notably absent from this claim (five figures reportedly), and that’s what matters to us at Ibrox Noise.

The hundreds and thousands of fans who the club made a huge deal of in all the outrage, but when it comes to compensation the club wants ITS money back and makes no mention of the fans and the cash they lost?!

So the fans get mentioned in the emotional protest the club made, but the board makes no effort to retrieve the thousands spent by the thousands of fans twice to attend this fixture?

We find this a bit disappointing and a reflection of the board’s hypocrisy:

We get fan-driven conferences with board members and club bosses attending and addressing fan issues and topics, but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is and actually looking after the fans’ interests, the board isn’t interested and wants their own pockets lined.


We’ve obviously not seen directly this claim from Rangers, only the media reports about it, so perhaps we’re doing the board a disservice with this and maybe they are working to get the supporters remunerated.

We’d happily apologise with our tails between our legs in that case.

But we just don’t think so.

Another occasion when the suits are all talk but actually just see fans as a pound sign.

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