If Walter can’t inspire this Rangers to victory, nothing can

If Walter can’t inspire this Rangers to victory, nothing can
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 20: Walter Smith, manager of Rangers with the winners trophy during the Co-operative Insurance Cup final between at Hampden Park on March 20, 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

If the unveiling of Walter Smith’s statue doesn’t inspire the team to a win this weekend, it’s clear nothing will.

Rangers’ are distant second favourites to lift the Scottish Cup, Celtic odds-on at 11/17 while Rangers are 13/8.

Indeed, it’s some of the most overwhelming an Old Firm has been favoured probably since the days of Warburton and earlier and Rangers’ miserable performances with Lee McCulloch up against Virgil van Dijk.

We might not have plunged that low today but we’re miles off Celtic, whatever the optimists in our support say – the league table doesn’t lie and Clement finished further behind than any Rangers side since Gerrard.

Add to that the injuries and Rangers’ chances this weekend are borderline non-existent.

But that said, the opening statement stands, and we add it to the ‘audition’ article – that these players are fighting for their Rangers careers, and if they can’t show up for the big occasion in Mount Florida, and can’t be inspired by the statue of Walter going on display just one hour earlier, nothing will ever get the best from them.

They know this, they know this is their final chance in many cases to earn their way into next season’s plans – the reality is Clement knows 90% of this squad fall considerably short of where it needs to be – while not a 20 point gap to Celtic, it’s not far off, and these players are very much playing for their futures.

The trophy itself is almost irrelevant – winning, of course, would be great, and as we say, if Walter’s proud likeness outside Ibrox cannot inspire to that, very little can.

But we do want to see it inspire some grit, determination, and fight.

The timing is deliberate by the board – it’s to try to offer something positive, a glimmer of hope for the club and the fans, and to maybe gee the players and manager up to give it all on Saturday.

If Walter’s iconic presence can’t do that, boy, does this club have work to do this summer.

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