“His worst 90 as a Ger – 0” – Rangers players rated v Celtic

“His worst 90 as a Ger – 0” – Rangers players rated v Celtic
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 11: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, looks on prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park Stadium on May 11, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ok, we’ve dreaded this, but here we go, ratings for Rangers players after yet another shambles of an Old Firm loss.

We now offer our ratings as 56 disappeared for this season.


A bit wayward with some kicking but some superb anticipating not to mention a few very very good saves. Had no chance with Lunny’s OG but was a bit slow to get down for O’Riley’s second. 7


Offered a tonne of running and width to begin with, and was getting a few crosses in as well – one of the few trying to open Celtic up. But massively posted missing for the OG and then faded – as usual, unable to stir the team up once behind. 5


Nearly very unlucky with an early OG, Butland bailed him out, and otherwise did nothing wrong at all. Clement says he was injured, but we can’t say we saw where. Removed at HT. 5


Horrendously culpable for not closing O’Riley down, looked a bit rusty and not ready for this match. Was given little protection from Barisic. 3


A single clearance in the whole match summed him up – he did manage one nice dribble in the first half but overall offered next to nothing. 3


His worst 90 as a Rangers player, and his last as well, his last two months summed up by an OG and a ridiculous red card. He was as big a reason for the loss as anyone. Clement didn’t defend him a single bit, and why? Because he’s leaving. So why did the manager pick him? Usual Clement here. 0


Horrible. Really out of his depth, kept fouling and being outmuscled. This was an awful display from a player we still don’t buy into, and it’s even worse now. He reminds us of Cifu – a weird signing who doesn’t fit at all. 3


For all the spitting hate this boy gets, and rightly so, if we remove (yet another) inexplicable dive in front of goal when scoring was easier, he was by an absolute country mile Rangers’ best outfield player. His energy was excellent, he gave Johnston a torrid time, and he was about the only Ranger aside Sterling with any real guts. He did well. And he gets marked accordingly. Ergo the manager removed him. Of course he did. 8


Predictably wasted on the RW, wasn’t able to hurt Celtic, because, well, he’s not a RW. Did quite well as defender in second half, but again, wasted there. Manager just refuses to put him in the middle. 6


Did keep McGregor quiet for about 15 minutes but was a complete non-event after that. Bewildering choice to start. 2


Some hard work here and finally got his Old Firm goal, he did himself no shame. But was lacking a bit in movement – well shackled by Vickers unfortunately. 6



Complete non event. Out of his depth. 3

And none of the other subs were worth rating.


Another bonkers lineup from Big Phil which look set up to fail, and as it actually did ALRIGHT for the first 30 minutes we almost began to believe he was a genius. But no, his true nature came through again with shambolic goals, mental substitutions, hapless gesturing on the side and looking confused. He was, however, happy with the workrate and xG so we guess that’s all ok then? 0

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