Clement admits Rangers and Lundstram ‘can’t come to agreement’…

Clement admits Rangers and Lundstram ‘can’t come to agreement’…
Clement with not the best news if we're honest...

Philippe Clement has ‘confirmed’ Rangers and John Lundstram’s relationship will end this summer by failing to deny the interest from Trabzonspor and admitting the club and Lunny are just too far apart in negotiations for there to be any realistic chance of a new deal.

Speaking before this weekend’s test of Kilmarnock, the manager said:

“As I said there’s nothing official around that (his exit), but I’m not naïve, the longer that things last the more possibility that other people step in but for the moment but apparently water is too deep between two sides.”

Water being too deep means that there’s no meeting in the middle here because the water is too deep and that means the club and Lunny are unable to come to a compromise.

Clement also confirms he knows other teams are in for him, and without directly saying it in explicit words effectively admitted Lunny has more or less joined the Turks.

He said similar the last time, that he knew other sides were in for Lundstram, but now it’s closer and there’s a defeated look on his face when discussing the issue.

Rangers and Lundstram were unable to come to agreement and now he will depart – it appears 99% to Trabzonspor.

Interestingly gone was the terminology of how much Lundstram loves the club and how much the club loves him, it was now admission more or less of defeat that he would pretty much be leaving.

The two parties just couldn’t meet in the middle and Lunny will now move onto pastures new.

So be it.

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