Clement admits he’s made some mistakes as Rangers manager

Clement admits he’s made some mistakes as Rangers manager
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - APRIL 28: Rangers manager Philippe Clement is seen prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between St. Mirren FC and Rangers FC at The Simple Digital Arena on April 28, 2024 in Paisley, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images) (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Philippe Clement has come close to admitting he’s made ‘mistakes’ and wants to learn from them, in a reference to what Ibrox Noise said only on Sunday about the Rangers manager.

Speaking at his pre-Dundee presser, the boss finally made an admission that he is not perfect, and that he has made mistakes, even if he didn’t explicitly outright state that.

He said:

“I want to get better and learn from any mistakes, this is what I also expect from everyone in the building.”

A little bit vague of course, not quite admitting he HAS made errors, but coming close to it by saying he wants to learn from any mistakes he makes, and what Ibrox Noise referred to yesterday.

We’ve been whining repeatedly about Rangers’ manager and his square peg round hole mentality, in which he constantly picks wrong players and puts other ones in the wrong position.

And we’ve been preaching that he needs to learn from that, learn from those errors rather than repeating them over and over again, something he hasn’t been keen to do.

But with Saturday’s loss still fresh in the memory, this may be an admission that he hasn’t done everything right, that he’s made a lot of mistakes, and finally, at long last, he’s ready to fix them.

See, he finally righted his Connor Goldson error by dropping him at long last, even if some ‘injury’ nonsense surfaced more recently, but that was only one thing – at no point did Ibrox Noise or anyone else singularly blame the English defender for Rangers’ total collapse. But he was part of it, and lost his place.

And that shows willing to learn on Clement’s part – but it hasn’t been enough, has it?

So with the manager now willing, again, to learn, to change, we can only cross our fingers he’s finally going to ring some alterations and field a half-decent Rangers team.

Admittedly, with 13 players out for Dundee, it’s probably not the best time to have this new philosophy, because there’s going to have to be a lot of shuffling to say the least.

But by at least saying it, he’s holding responsibility, maybe, for the first time that he’s made errors.

Let’s hope he now makes the changes.

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