Another Rangers fail but Ibrox fans believe in Clement

Another Rangers fail but Ibrox fans believe in Clement
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 25: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, gestures towards fourth official Steven Mclean during the Scottish Cup Final match between Celtic and Rangers at Hampden Park on May 25, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Rangers have, on average, rated Rangers’ season overall around a ‘3’ out of 10 after the wreckage of yet another failed campaign rung around fans’ ears.

After those four taunting months in which New Manager Bounce threatened to deliver a stunning treble to Govan, the club and fans have to be content with just the League Cup, an achievement at the time which created a very false impression of where Rangers were.

And that’s the crux of things – we will never say no to silverware at Ibrox, it’s the fulcrum of our club, the core – Rangers are winners. Or, are supposed to be.

But clearly that League Cup triumph created a very false reality where Rangers fans became hopeful, even expectant, that a manager who had beaten just two teams in that tournament, both of them at Hampden, in Hearts and Aberdeen, was actually Harry Potter

This gave him genius status, and the League and the Scottish Cup were not only possible, but probable.

It was false, very false, and the reality of that only really dawned first against Motherwell with that very bloody nose, then the 3-3 fail with Celtic.

The ‘problem’, if you like, was that League Cup – the winning of that made fans believe, trust, and it’s the case that they still do.

Philippe Clement has given absolutely no grounds to Rangers fans to truly trust him, not even close in fact (didn’t come close to beating Celtic), and yet because he got that trophy, and because Celtic’s patchy form under Rodgers took all season to get going, it has made fans expectant of next season.

In fact, so expectant are most Rangers fans of this manager, the excuses about budget are already in – that ‘he can’t do anything if the board don’t back him’, meaning those fans are already preparing to justify failure and defend the boss next season by blaming the board.

There’s a real cult support of Philippe Clement, who has just signed an unknown kid from Brazil as his first summer addition, that clearly he can do no wrong and the board are already the bad guys if/when he fails next season.

We do agree in one sense, the board will have to dig deep. But they will – the budget is around £24M, with close to £1M already spent on Jefte, so that’s the highest we’ve had in any one summer since the Advocaat days.

But that money will have to be used wisely, or failure is what we will see.

And because he turned round that league deficit, because he won the League Cup, the bulk of fans seem to back Clement to the hilt and believe he’s the man to turn the club around.

The signs of the last few months indicate he’s anything but, but his biggest backers believe otherwise.

All we can do is cross our fingers that they are correct.

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