96% of Rangers fans polled say goodbye to Tav & Goldson

96% of Rangers fans polled say goodbye to Tav & Goldson
LEIPZIG, GERMANY - APRIL 28: James Tavernier speaks to Connor Goldson of Rangers during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final Leg One match between RB Leipzig and Rangers at Football Arena Leipzig on April 28, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany. (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)

If Rangers manager Philippe Clement is serious about it being the ‘end of a cycle’ then the implication is stale pieces of the club have to move on, to leave, to vacate the premises, and two of the most stale are surely James Tavernier and Connor Goldson.

These two have been the epitome of such a mediocre spell for Rangers, a trophy-barren spell for the club, and Rangers supporters have offered some very interesting feedback on their futures in Govan.

In an Ibrox Noise poll, of around 5000 supporters, 64% wanted both players to leave, while 32% wanted just Goldson to move on, meaning around 96% of fans are absolutely through with him at least, and 64% would get rid of the pair.

Just 4% wanted to keep both of them.

Tavernier had a fair chunk of backing, with 0% wanting him alone to leave, but then, in a poll purely about him, the numbers might be a speck different. But that’s conjecture.

The consequence? It really is time for Rangers to move on from these two – their Rangers races are run, and we desperately need a change.

If Clement is serious about an end of an era, both of them must be put on the transfer list – Tavernier is, and always has been, an atrocious captain, while Goldson is an abysmal defender.

All round, they’re League One-level players who can’t believe their amazing good fortune to earn the filthy fortunes they do at Rangers.

8 and 6 years of a complete lack of success with them as the spine gives some idea of what mediocrity we’re putting up with.

Time for something new.

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