Pundit under fire over Rangers Five Guys rant

Pundit under fire over Rangers Five Guys rant
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 05: James Tavernier of Rangers celebrates with Manager Philippe Clement after the team's victory in the Viaplay Cup Semi Final match between Heart of Midlothian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 05, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

There’s been a bit in the press about Five Guys, captaincy, Rangers and James Tavernier, with PLZ Soccer featuring Peter Martin, Gordon Parks, Hugh McDonald and Alison McConnell.

Parks and McDonald in particular came under fire from the Rangers support for criticising Tavernier with Parks suggesting a visit to Five Guys’ restaurant was unbecoming of a Rangers captain or a Slots Calendar.

Let’s be clear – Martin is a Celtic fan, always was, so this broadcast was never going to be impeccably impartial. We understand McDonald also has leanings in that direction, and McConnell attacked Rangers as recently as a few days ago as well.

Parks? He had an opinion that a Rangers captain shouldn’t be going into a fast food outlet one hour after full time at Perth and treating himself to a burger.

Now, long term readers will know we agree on the basic sentiment that Tavernier might not be the most ‘massive’ of Rangers captains – we’ve never hidden away that he does lack the aura of a Ferguson, Amoruso, Butcher, Gough.

But to use his post-match activities (after being a major reason of a massive win) as an excuse to beat down on him when few players at Rangers physically work out as much as he does really was a bit of a silly view – one Parks, whoever the heck he is, is of course entitled to.

“You know it’s funny I was in Glasgow City Center a couple of days ago literally an hour after full time whistle in Perth and a big jeep pulls up outside Five Guys, Tavernier gets out with these Rangers trackies on jacket and went in Five Guys for a burger. Yeah I on board everything you say he’s a technically very good player he lacks the aura the personality,he’s nondescript, head into five five guys fancy a Richard Gough Ferguson or a Greig at that time you carry it you exude. Five guys for a burger, scoring a phenomenal but the gravitas you carry you carry the club as a captain I think he lacks that personality.”

We also would rather our fans don’t send smear comments into Martin, or McGuire as we believe he is really called, slurring him on his football choices, because even if the entire broadcast was by four raging timmies in their shirts, if they want to talk about Rangers, and let’s face it, everyone loves to, they can.

PLZ Soccer can slag off Rangers if they wish, because, with all due respect, the press are attacking Celtic as well plenty at the moment.

We’re big enough and ugly enough to handle a few people having their views even if they’re not what we want to hear.

Unfortunately we’re past the point of snowflakery, where when someone says something we don’t like, we just want them cancelled these days.

Opposing views are important, because they keep you honest, and they keep your own beliefs true.

Plus, the most important takeaway?

Five Guys’ chips are fantastic.

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